The Magic of Drama: Enhancing Classroom Learning with Practical Knowledge and Play-springbudspreschools

July 28th 2023

In the field of early childhood education, kids' overall growth needs to have a well-rounded educational experience that combines both play and practical knowledge. Let us examine some basic steps that have been undertaken by the best play school in Mumbai to improve classroom instruction by incorporating play and real-world experience into their curriculum. These Preschools aim to establish a stimulating and effective learning environment that supports kids' cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development by fusing these two crucial components.

Learning through Play

A child's natural method of gaining knowledge about their surroundings is through play. The teachers at Spring Buds Preschools are aware that play is a vital instrument for learning and not merely a way to have fun. Children are encouraged to employ their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, which are crucial for their cognitive development, by adding play-based activities into the curriculum.

Children participate in games outside and in pretend play and building block activities as part of the play-based learning approach. By encouraging communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, these activities aid in the social and emotional development of kids.

Practical Knowledge Combined with Hands-on Experience

In addition, to play, the best play school in Mumbai places a heavy emphasis on practical education and hands-on experiences. Children are encouraged to actively participate in a variety of real-life situations, allowing them to connect abstract ideas to real-world applications.

Children might perform easy experiments utilizing common items in science lectures, for instance, to better comprehend scientific ideas. They might count objects and use shapes to solve problems in the real world as part of their mathematics studies. This method improves comprehension and makes sure that kids are better able to understand basic ideas.

These Schools incorporate Project-Based Learning in their learning process

The top Preschools generally try and include project-based learning in their daily lessons. Children engage in project-based learning by cooperating on tasks that address problems or questions from the actual world. With this strategy, kids take control of their education, developing motivation and a sense of autonomy.

While investigating subjects that the kids are interested in, these projects promote critical thinking, investigation, and presentation abilities. You will find that these Preschools engage students' excitement and curiosity by incorporating their hobbies into the educational process, making learning enjoyable.

Field trips & Guest Speakers

Generally, you will find that these Preschools often arrange field trips to a variety of interesting locations to further enhance the educational opportunities for the kids. These outings give kids the chance to learn about the world outside of the classroom and deepen their comprehension of the subjects they study, whether it be a trip to a nearby farm, museum, or fire station.

Guest speakers from other backgrounds are also invited to speak to the kids and share their knowledge and experiences. Children's perspectives are widened by this experience, which also offers insightful information about various cultures and vocations.


The dedication of the best preschool in Mumbai often ensures boosting classroom learning via experience and play has shown to be advantageous for kids' general development. They provide an engaging and dynamic learning environment by incorporating play-based activities, practical learning experiences, project-based learning, and external engagements like field trips and guest lecturers.