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As a part of the coveted C.P Goenka group, Spring buds international Preschool in Pune was developed with an endeavour to provide quality education to students by igniting their creative minds and curiosities. Renowned as one of the best preschool in Pune, Spring buds international aims to build rewarding learning experiences through fun and engaging activities and interactive sessions. With our expert faculty mentorship and global academic programs, our pre-primary school help to provide our students with a healthy and nurturing environment helping them lead their ways into a successful future and career for themselves.

The Teaching Process

The foundation for a child's education is laid in the first few years. Spring Buds preschool teachers are aware of this and therefore take extra care to ensure that their lessons don't become ingrained habits. They offer engaging methods of preschool education that are proven to help children learn and retain information. They have some leeway in the Spring Buds International Preschool In Pune curriculum to be inventive with the few topics they need to teach toddlers. Students will have access to a variety of games, as well as smart tools and infrastructure aids.

Classroom Organisation :

There are several components to a preschool classroom that are essential to the developmentally appropriate practises of preschool education. The mess it creates can be distracting and uncomfortable for kids. Our instructors have established a routine that alternates loud and quiet pursuits. Having a well-organised classroom made Spring Buds the best Preschool in Pune. It would help immensely in controlling the occasionally disruptive behaviour of the students.

Daily Routine:

Routine habits are crucial. Students develop curiosity and many inquiries when they are actively involved in classroom activities. Spring buds teachers are able to provide a solid foundation for a child's future education by employing a wide variety of playschool teaching methods.

Short Break Activities:

Spring Buds Kids love to learn, but their minds need a break every so often. If not, they might start to feel too much or too little control. We give them small, fun breaks from learning throughout the day. We also plan different things to do during breaks, like singing a song, playing a quick game, doing a few movements, or doing something ourselves. These breaks give our preschoolers a chance to rest and feel ready to learn again.

Safe Environment

Our goal is to give kids a safe place where they can work on becoming more independent and socially competent with the help of the right frameworks and tools. It's very important what's on the shelves and how many of them there are. Students should be interested in the things on the shelves, which should be from different countries and make them want to learn more on their own. Our safe classroom environment made us one of the best preschool in lamington road.

Visual Class Schedule:

Preschoolers can see what they're supposed to be doing by looking at class plans with pictures. We Make class schedules that stand out and put them in one or more places where students can see them quickly. For example, we could hang a class plan at the front of the room or put one in each small group area. Putting pictures on these schedules may assist our kids in knowing what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Comfortable Classrooms:

Comfort is crucial for children to reach their full potential. Our instructors must make their students feel at ease at all times. The setting must be comfortable and conducive to the child's presence and thought processes. This should be an essential part of our instructors' preschool lesson plans.

Understanding through Science Experiments:

Science is all around us, even in small things and actions. When our teachers try to tell the kids every reasonable reason why they should do something, it's easy to teach them. It also gives the child a sense of understanding, which is very helpful when they are young.

The Learning Process

smart classroom at SpringBudsPreSchool
Smart Classrooms
Smart Classrooms
Enhancing imaginations and tantalising curiosities, our academic curriculum is backed with digitalised and technologically advanced infrastructures and facilities. Our modern smart classrooms are equipped with digital boards, interactive bulletins and ample airy space making us the best nursery schools in Pune.
Library at SpringBudsPreSchool
Working towards a student focussed teaching approach, we provide a fully equipped library with some of the best literature and knowledge building books enabling children to cultivate reading habits and learn, understand, apply and act on concepts on their own.
Sensory Garden at SpringBudsPreSchool
Music Studio
Music Studio
We believe in building, nurturing and identifying talents among children right from their early stages of learning. Thus, our academic programmes are integrated with several additional skill building activities helping students identify, understand and explore their talents at the right time. Our school provides students to try their hands at music with our state of the art music studios equipped with latest technologies and musical instruments helping students pick their own style and master their very own craft.
Computer Lab at SpringBudsPreSchool
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Providing students the competitive edge and the backing to compete and fight at a global level, we build computer and technology handling skills among the students right from their preschool years. With expert teachers teaching the basics of Microsoft word, PowerPoint and excel, we stand as one of the most modern preschool in Pune.

Outdoor Play area

Our pre-primary curriculum also ensures that students do not lose sight of their physical wellbeing and development. Students of every class are provided with ample amount of time to enjoy various outdoor sports and games such as cricket, football, basketball and also engage in physical education and yoga sessions helping them with an easy and comfortable growth.

Indoor Play Areas

One of the highlights of the Spring Buds international nursery school in Pune is the fantastic bouquet of indoor activities and games provided to the children in playschool. Our indoor and outdoor activities not only ensure mental development but also stimulates the overall physical, critical, creative and analytical development of the child. Children enjoy several indoor games and sports like badminton, table tennis, chess, and carom and even engage in skill building activities that keep them active throughout the day.


maths fun play school in pune
The purpose of the math fun day in playschool is to enhance the ubiquity and beauty of Math. To make learners understand the math concept in fun way.
PLANET PARADE play school in pune
Our playschools offer Learners get opportunity to learn about the different planets and about universe this how they build new vocabulary.
SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS play school pune
Keeping children’s safety & security in mind, we introduce scientific concepts by capitalizing on learner innate curiosity about the world... Preschoolers find science in trips to the park and the playground, and in water and sand play, making fruit salad, rolling toys down a ramp, and building with blocks. They also do sink and float, changing of colours, etc.
SEASONS BOOTH pune play school
Preschool children are just learning about how the year is organized. During calendar time they are beginning to learn the days of the week and months. We use these preschool activities to teach them about the four seasons, too. They will learn the names of the seasons, the weather that is typical and other distinguishing characteristics of each season. To better overall child development these children safety dress up as different seasons and come.
Dress Up Day play school
Dress Up Day
Learners always enjoy dressing up in costumes and engaging in dramatic roleplaying that augments overall child development, while keeping their security & safety in mind. Whether they become a dragon, princess, or a fairy, their brain is going into high gear when they put on a costume! When a learner dons that cape, crown, or pirate’s eye-patch, his brain is developing.. As early childhood education it benefits cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally through dress-up play.


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