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Spring Buds International Preschool is one of the most renowned institutions of Thane bringing global education to the children of today. Known as one of the best Preschool in Thane, Spring buds follows an academic curriculum and teaching approach that is both stringent yet modern. Through its state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent facilities and creative and innovative pedagogy, Spring Buds International Preschool in thane is a playground for children to learn, explore, imagine, grow and dream.

The Learning Process

the Spring Buds International Preschool creates
an ambience that is open, refreshing and vibrant. It includes facilities such as:
Smart Classrooms
Smart Classrooms
Smart Classrooms
Ensuring top-notch education and facilities to the students, spring buds international provides modern and technologically advanced classrooms known as ‘smart classrooms’. Spacious and airy classes, big windows, air conditioned rooms, digital bulletins, interactive boards are some of the key highlights of a smart classroom at spring buds international that help students learn their subjects in the most innovative and advanced way.
We, at, spring buds international believe that reading is one of the most crucial elements of learning for every child especially during such an early age. With our interactive and modern library and engaging books collection, we make reading an unforgettable habit for every child thereby laying the foundations to their future intellects.
Sensory garden
Sensory garden
Sensory garden
A unique addition to spring bud’s offering are the sensory gardens that provide a shaded, enclosed rainforest area filled with several varieties of flora and fauna to touch and smell. Its natural settings, aesthetically pleasing landscape and soothing vibe makes it the perfect place for students to relax, learn and enjoy nature and enlighten their senses through its experience.
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
As a pre-primary school, Spring buds international curates an academic programme that makes every child competent enough to step outside in the real world with complete confidence. Right from basic computer operations to advanced computer skills development, our computer labs enables students to equip themselves with technology and create an edge for themselves in the outside world.
spring buds

Outdoor Play area

Spring Buds international is one of the most renowned child friendly playschools in Thane with the largest outdoor play areas for students to encourage physical development. Right from football turfs, to basketball courts, cricket ground, activity areas to open gyms and playgrounds, our students are never short of space when it comes to playing in the open.

Indoor Play Areas

At Spring Buds playschool, we ensure that our students are always engaged in one or the other creative and productive activity such as dance, competitions, music, craft etc. for overall physical development. Events such as Sports day, Annual Day, field trips and picnics are organised in a child-friendly manner to keep the students busy with activities thereby helping them grow and learn at a faster pace.


Maths Fun
The purpose of the math fun day is to enhance the ubiquity and beauty of Math. To make learners understand the math concept in fun way.
PLANET PARADE-Thane preschool
Learners get opportunity to learn about the different planets and about universe this how they build new vocabulary.
We introduce scientific concepts by capitalizing on learner innate curiosity about the world. ... Preschoolers find science in trips to the park and the playground, and in water and sand play, making fruit salad, rolling toys down a ramp, and building with blocks. They also do sink and float, changing of colours, etc.
Preschool children are just learning about how the year is organized. During calendar time they are beginning to learn the days of the week and months. Use these preschool activities to teach them about the four seasons, too. They will learn the names of the seasons, the weather that is typical and other distinguishing characteristics of each season. To give the real life experience they dress up as different seasons and come.
Dress Up Day
Learners always enjoy dressing up in costumes and engaging in dramatic roleplaying. Whether they become a dragon, princess, or a fairy,, their brain is going into high gear when they puts on a costume!When a learner dons that cape, crown, or pirate’s eye-patch, his brain is developing.. As early childhood education it benefit cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally through dress-up play.
Dress Up Day in playschool


Spring Buds International - Thane Kapurbawdi Junction, Off Ghodbunder Road, Near Ashapura Mandir,
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