I am very happy with the teaching, encouragement and support given. Thank you for all the support. Hope it continues to be the same.

Child's name- Myra Shetty ( Sr.KG)
Mothers name- Karunya Shetty

Insightful about Anya, what she is like in class. Look forward for more such meets.

Child's name- Anya Goenka (Nursery)
Mothers name- Neha Goenka

The interaction was informative and two way. All questions and concerns were addressed, please continue with these sessions. Thank you.

Child's name- Myra Chakravarty (Sr.KG)
Fathers name- Kunal Chakravarty

We would like to thank everyone at Spring Buds for awonderful experience through Neytra's early, formative years. The most striking feature about the school is its holistic, diverse and personal approach towards education. Its open environment encourages children to blossom into being themselves, as confident, joyful and respectful individuals. We also look forward to may such engaging and interactive sessions.

Child's name- Neytra Chhaya
Mothers Name- DipalChhaya

It’s said that Early Childhood years are important and form a strong foundation of a child's holistic development. I can proudly say that SBIS fulfils the same. My daughter has developed in so many ways. I see a growth in her reasoning power. She enjoys school and her teachers. The curriculum is one of the best. The activities offered in school are informative and engaging. I am happy with my decision of choosing this school.

He is reciting many poems and that too comprehensively
He is trying to eat by his own hands.

Name of the Class: - Nursery-B

Birthday celebration in schoolis appreciable and fun.
I like the fact that children areallowed to interact freely and develop social skills.

Name of the Class: - PG-A

For the transport system that the school take into consideration & changed.
The immediate response to the concerns of the parents.

Name of the Class: - Jr. KG-A
Lamington Road

Heartfelt thank you to all you wonderful people teachers and staff and above all Veena Madam & Insiyah Madam. ….Your love, care and support has been really awesome… Our Kiara has bloomed so very beautifully here! God bless you all! Always!

Name of the Student: - Kiara Agrawal, Playgroup C
Name of the Parent: - Rachana Agrawal

Very happy with Prisha’s progress during the past one year. Very attentive and caring teachers who have nurtured my child. I will definitely recommend this school to all parents for the holistic approach to learning. KUDOS!!
Special thanks – Swati Teacher, Binaifer Teacher &Niddhi Teacher!!

Name of the Student: -Prisha Joshi, Playgroup B
Name of the Parent: -Sreeja Joshi

I simply adore the effort being put in by all the teachers & staff of this school. The results are remarkably visible in Dwij. A special & heartfelt thanks to Neha teacher and Roshini teacher. Thank you all so much & God bless.

Name of the Student: - Dwij Srivastava, Playgroup C
Name of the Parent: - Aisha Srivastava

Eshaan is really enjoying this school environment. He is learning manners and improved on his food habits too after attending the school. We as parents like the systematic way of following up on things like homework, library books etc. Very organized and disciplined environment Thank you.

Eshaan had one of his best years of school here. Excellent teachers, very warm. And must appreciate the great quality of education that you impart in kids. Eshaan will really miss this school and the GARDEN!!

Name of the Student: - Eshaan Gala, Junior KG
Name of the Parent: -Brijesh Gala

I am very happy with the school teaching technique and the way teachers show interest in each and every child. I am seeing a lot of improvement in my child, the graph is in the upward direction with good progress. I am happy to pick this school for my child.

Name of the Student: -DhruvBhambhani, Playgroup D
Name of the Parent: -AashiBhambhani