Nursery as the name suggests is a place where samplings germinate into full fledge plants, typifying the initial years of development via early childhood program run by professionally trained adults where learning is combined with play.

A nurseryhelps a child develop emotional, social and personally. It is the first experience of the child in a structured setting, where children learn the importance of sharing, learn new things and personal growth.

The nursery section is the next step of learning for young minds in internationalplayschool. Along with the Playgroup/Playschool methodology of learning through play and exploration, Nursery learners are also introduced to a more detailed and structured set of preschool activities. The outcome of such private international preschoollearning is the development of capabilities for structured learning as well as social skills for little children.

There are three specific areas that are strengthened and applied through a playschool like academic year, which covers:

  • 1) Communication and language
  • 2) Physical development
  • 3) Personal, social and emotional development

The learning prepares the child for more than the pre-primary but also early life.

Nestling Time
Path 1
Activity Time
Path 2
Rhyme Time
Path 9
Theme Time
Path 8
Exploratory Time
Path 10
Fitness Fun
Path 11
Literacy Time
Path 1
Snack Time