Most young children today start their education in a preschool. These early childhood education programs offer myriad benefits that will lay the foundation for a great education.

But with so many options to choose from, finding the right preschool can be a challenging, though exciting, proposition for parents. This has taken on added importance as society continues to grapple with the novel coronavirus and the challenges that it brings especially in Preschool education.

To help make choosing the right preschool a little easier for you and your family, we at SBIS wanted to outline some of the most important qualities that all great preschools have. All great preschools should have: a warm and comforting environment, passionate teachers and staff, active learning, child-friendly and safety facilities and a solid reputation in the community.

A Warm and Comforting Environment

A preschool is often a child’s first experience away from both the home and parents’ loving care. It’s natural that you feel anxious and would like to have a first-hand experience of what it would be like, to work shoulder to shoulder with the classroom teachers to ensure a strong foundation for your child.

SBIS offers campus visits, school tour, interaction with Principal and staff, awareness of curriculum taught, a free classroom session, etc., which will sure put your fears to rest.

In present day circumstances, you can register for a virtual class which will help experience an actual class in progress. The school also gives an opportunity to interact with the faculty members. This will help evaluate your decision about where to enroll your child.

Passionate Teachers

The key differentiator between a good and a great preschool is the passionate, caring, and qualified teachers and staff. Trained faculty is top priority at SBIS. It’s the Teachers who actually execute the curriculum and groom the little ones.

SBIS preschools keep an eye out for educators who speak kindly and respectfully with the children. These are the teachers who want your child to succeed and who will do everything in their power to keep them happy and healthy in the process.

Do look out for some of the most important qualities that a great preschool teacher will exhibit:

  • 1) Experience and dedication
  • 2) Enthusiasm
  • 3) Creativity
  • 4) Flexibility
  • 5) A sense of humor
  • 6) Passion
  • 7) Great communication skills
  • 8) A warm personality

You may choose to consider asking the faculty and staff questions about:

  • 1) What do you enjoy most about being at this school?
  • 2) What do you love about teaching your students?
  • 3) How long have you been teaching?
Active Learning

The joy of learning and love of school in children start early and can flourish only in the right environment.

Young children learn best by doing or experiencing any activity through discovery and play. We call this play-way method of learning or active hands-on learning and this the important characteristic of our high quality SBIS preschool program.

Lots of reading time, arts and crafts, music, dance, exploring the natural world, outdoor play time, are all inclusive which are critically important to young children. In addition to this, laying the foundations of a solid education by exposing children to reading and writing, building curiosity through play, teaching empathy and problem-solving skills, helping children to learn important pre-academic skills and concepts like counting, recognizing colors and shapes, and building coordination and fine motor skills form our complete grooming program.

Child-Friendly and Safety Facilities

Safe and engaging facilities are very likely to rank high on your list before finalising on a preschool.

The health and safety of our Learners is of paramount importance at SBIS. We always make sure that the facilities are constantly evolving and being updated, and that the faculty and staff are well trained in safety measures.

Our smart and modern classrooms are full of screens, gadgets, and tools designed to teach children more effectively. Also, outdoor education is appealing with gardens and educational parks with age appropriate play equipment and infinite opportunities for your little one to wonder about the natural world.

The school facilitates well-kept health and hygiene centres as well. Seating areas are split up in the classroom with enough space between students. Classrooms are well ventilated and all of its contents (toys, desks, tables, books, etc.) are disinfected regularly. SBIS holds the health of its students as highly as you do.

A Solid Reputation

Good word-of-mouth is the way many families narrow down their search for an excellent preschool program. Hearing from trusted friends about their good experiences is a great way to start the process. Do consider checking social media for regular updates about our school.

Some questions you may consider asking are:

  • 1) Is your child happy to go to school?
  • 2) Do they share new things they learned while at school?
  • 3) What do you like about it?
  • 4) Are the teachers experienced and nurturing?
  • 5) How does the school communicate with parents?
  • 6) Is the program play-based, academic, or both?

At the same time, you may ask your acquaintances about what the school’s reaction to COVID-19 was, if their child was enrolled at the time. Questions like the ones below can help you gauge whether you are choosing the right preschool for your child.

  • 1) How organized was the school in creating a plan of action when the pandemic emerged ?
  • 2) Did you feel that the school administration did a good job of communicating with you as everything unfolded?
  • 3) Was distance learning made available for all the Learners?
  • 4) What does the school’s plan look like for the year ahead ?


We at Spring Buds International Preschool always aim higher than the stratosphere; moulding a child to become open, curious, eager, enthusiastic, happy and confident. We believe that education is over and above books and beyond the four walls of the classroom. It is a continuous process of learning and growing. Without compartmentalizing or imposing structures in the child’s learning process, we create spaces in which the child can engage in a continuous and spontaneous exploration of self-discovery.

SBIS adds colour, creativity and innovation in a child friendly environment, which is both stimulating and challenging where children can actively participate, grow mentally and physically, learning in a natural way. Differentiation in the styles of learning and giving ample opportunities to explore, experience and discover along with a sensitive environment which understands the unexpressed thought of the child and cares for his/her uniqueness and independence. We believe in collaboration with our parents involving them proactively in their child’s continuous learning process and also to be the core part of our school.

Theme based curriculum

A Theme Based Approach is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are integrated together within a theme. This helps a child understand that in the real world concepts are not compartmentalized but are instead inter-related.

Why Us Line 1
Literacy and Language

Letter land was created to teach phonics using a story-based approach. The story logic engages students leading to long term retention of concepts. What's more, Letterland is wonderfully multi-sensory program which activates every learning channel through music, actions, alliteration, music and movement, art, games and role-play.

Why Us Line 2
Multi linguistic Programme

In our effort to ensure that a truly global citizen is in the making, we at SBIS offer various languages like Hindi, Marathi, French and Spanish.

Why Us Line 3
Excursions/ Experiential learning

At SBI we believe experiential learning provide learners with new opportunities for learning through actual experiences. Information is presented to learners in a way that meets different learning modalities. Excursions are a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real world connections.

The main objective of conducting a field trip for students is to reinforce experiential and contextual learning. 

Why Us Line 4
Show N Tell

Show and Tell has numerous benefits for young learners. These experiences help to build effective communication and listening skills that are essential for a young child's learning. It also helps a child overcome his/her inhibition for public speaking and helps him/her to acquire strong oral skills.

Why Us Line 5
21st Century Learning Skills

They became known as the “Four Cs”:

Critical thinking

fun sheets, circle time, pretend play, themes


2.Culminations & Events, Parents & teachers workshop, Guest lectures, Counselling sessions, News reading and Show N Tell sessions, Attendance time, Circle time


3.Sports & Performing art, skill based activities, group art n craft activities, buddy teaching, group based learning


Excursions, Do it yourself, Science exploration, Art & craft activities.


The SAP program is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to have enriching experiences beyond the regular school day. The primary goal of SAP is for students to have fun while learning important life skills and developing mastery of certain skills. The program is not competitively driven, but instead, is focused on exposing students to new experiences and enriching their lives. SAP will allow learners to try new experiences or participate in areas they are already passionate about. Each SAP activity aims to be learner centered.

Speech n Drama
Fitness Program
Party with the animals
CP Goenka's Spring Buds International Preschool hosted an exciting event called ‘The Enchanted Animal Party’, where the toddlers loved watching different kinds of animals such as iguanas, ducks and guinea pigs. All the preschoolers were thrilled and excited as they participated in amazing games, making the event a fun-filled one.
Learners get opportunity to learn about the different planets and about universe this how they build new vocabulary.
We introduce scientific concepts by capitalizing on the learner’s innate curiosity about the world. Through this programme, abstract concepts about the world around them is brought to life.
Special days and events are opportunities filled with joy, excitement and knowledge. The growth of the learner is focused on holistic development. We regularly conduct and celebrate various events. Special days like this helps us not only allow our learners and parents to interact with each other but also promote good values.
The purpose of the math fun day is to enhance the ubiquity & beauty of Math. To make learners understand the math concept in fun way.
Dress Up Day
Learners dress up as different characters. Besides having fun doing so, they are able to experience real life situations themselves. Our children always enjoy dressing up in costumes and engaging in dramatic roleplays.
When a learner dons that cape, crown, or pirate’s eye-patch, his brain is developing. As early childhood education it benefit cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally through dress-up play.