Why Spring Buds

a) Committed & Compassionate facilitators

Compassionate teachers of our pre-school are the facilitators who become partner in the learning process with the learners, by encouraging them to find their own answers instead of providing them with the answers. They ensure an age appropriate engaging environment with adequate time to satisfy their curious mind with hands on activities. With the cheerful play way method and the empathetic nurturing provided by the facilitator, the learners excel in all aspects of development: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. The teachers are instrumental in guiding and motivating the learners to enhance their ability to develop their communication skills and increase their awareness of the world around them.

b] Safe & Secure Setting

SBIS has the safe and the secure setting as its top priority to nurture the learners. It provides an ambience for the learners to bloom to the best of their potential without fear, discomfort or compromise. This leads to building pleasant childhood memories by fostering a sense of belongingness towards school. The colourful and creative environment in the preschool makes them feel poised in order to become spontaneous learners on our campus. All female teachers and ancillary staff members on campus and the continuous CCTV surveillance in every nook and corner of the school, keeps the school in a relaxed environment with only the bustling energy of the little ones perceptible.

c] Delightful Campus 

SBIS is an established institution for laying the foundation of schooling in the early years of growing up because of the delightful school campus. The spacious air-conditioned class rooms with brightly coloured furniture, age appropriate toys and teaching resources make it an irresistible and joyful place to be for the learners. The learners are sensitive to the warm and loving ways of learning new things, without any inhibition and reluctance. The delightful campus of SBIS is a perfect blend of enjoyable and concrete learning at school thus motivating children to be lifelong learners.

d] Impeccable Hygiene & cleanliness 

SBIS lives up to the high standards of impeccable hygiene & cleanliness on campus. As ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’,  we take the onus of providing an impeccable surrounding and hygienically clean environment to our learners. It is highly imperative for the good health and habit of our learners, so we start, as young as preschool. At school, we keep the surroundings pure and clean. This hygiene keeps the learners healthy- physically and mentally.

e] Captivating Curriculum

SBIS has an ever evolving curriculum that specializes in preschool grooming. All the learners benefit from a stimulating and engaging environment for early years of learning. It is here that all aspects of age appropriate child development takes place to ensure that the child is ready mentally, physically emotionally as well as cognitively to absorb enormous learning around them. It is here that all its learners get an appropriate start to their world of learning with personal touch and empathy. The concepts taught in the preschool with fun and excitement encourages the learners to absorb the multiple intelligence approach to cater to diverse learning styles. The teachers are instrumental in conveying the value education through dynamic experiences in class. Since the learners learn best through direct experiences, the curriculum is flexible to respond to individual needs of each learner. Through experiential learning and celebrations of festivals, national and international events the learners become skilled at socialization and learn to appreciate cultural diversity and accept differences and become well-rounded contributors to society.

f] Strong Foundation for a brilliant upbringing       

SBIS, provides a strong educational foundation and nurturing for all its learners with love and understanding. It is here that learners are able to make the most of the conducive environment for the holistic grooming. The teachers are instrumental in conveying the value education through dynamic experiences in class. At SBIS, the well trained teachers work towards making children understand that everyone is unique and special in their own way with their own culture, beliefs and ethnicity.