Structured Day

The structure of the day at SBIS is divided into 3 parts – Online, Home Connect and Support Time. Our virtual school day is a combination of theme based activities that focuses on the four main areas of child’s development. These are physical, language and communication, cognitive and social/emotional.

Online Classes
Online Classes
  • Led by experienced and well trained teachers
  • Active engagement through fun activities & games
  • Virtual field trips
  • Collaborative activities with teachers, classmates and parents
  • Fun and engaging child centric curriculum
  • Learning through play-based sessions
  • Rich literacy and numeracy experiences
  • Special days and Events
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Offline Classes
Home Connect Sessions
  • Easy access to a variety of learning resources
  • Interactive slides for easy understanding
  • Quality feedback by teachers
  • Independent practice work
  • Self-paced learning
  • Stationery kit provided for craft activities
  • Proactive parent partnership plans for exciting activities
  • Well-designed colourful fun sheets and practice books

Other Key Offerings

Virtual Parent Orientation & Parent Teachers Meetings
Virtual Parent
Orientation & Parent
Teachers Meetings
Easy Access to Counsellors & Teachers
Easy Access to
Counsellors & Teachers

Other Key Offerings

At SBIS we continue to facilitate the journey of learning through activities to achieve the milestones of children. We believe in integrating our curriculum along with kinaesthetic and cognitive skills with various activities like Brain Gym, Yoga, Breathing and Eye Exercises.DIY, STEM, Fireless cooking activities are the most enjoyed sessions during Virtual Sessions.

Virtual Learning Skill Development

Safety and Personal Care