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Living in an ever changing globalized world, the children of today needs to be competent and always ready to take up new challenges and compete in the outside world with confidence. We, at spring buds international play school in Borivali West works towards this development of your child right from the time they step in school. Understanding the dynamics of the modern world children, we have curated a curriculum that ensures holistic development of the child from the very beginning.

The Learning Process

the Spring Buds International Preschool creates
an ambience that is open, refreshing and vibrant. It includes facilities such as:
Preschool in Oshiwara – Kids Studying
Smart Classrooms
Smart Classrooms
Our unique and state of the art facilities and infrastructure addresses the needs of your child without any doubts. Our classrooms are equipped with LED screens, Interactive boards, air conditioners along with ample space and big windows giving the child a free flowing and modern learning experience.
Preschool in Oshiwara – Kids Activity
Talent Building activities
Talent Building activities
As one of the best preschools in Borivali, we believe that every child is born talented and therefore it is only a matter of a push that helps them explore their talents and build it to their benefits. Thus, our curriculum includes a variety of talent and skill building activities like drama, performing arts, crafts, music, speech and sports helping students explore their own skills and discover their talents.
Preschool in Oshiwara – Kids Fun Activity
Puppet theatres and more
Puppet theatres and more
Helping children learn and engage with concepts, we also integrate our teachings with several interactive and engaging learning activities such as puppet theatres, film screenings, rhyme songs, storytelling etc. thereby making their learnings fun and engaging.
Preschool in Oshiwara – CCTV Surveillance
CCTV Enabled Campus
CCTV Enabled Campus
Assuring complete protection to the students, our campus is equipped with advanced CCTV cameras letting you see your child learn and play throughout their time in school. In addition to this, we also provide CCTV enabled buses along with female assistance and timely first aid support helping your child sail through his/her day with comfort and complete safety.

Outdoor Play area

Our campuses are facilitated with spacious outdoor play areas and activity zones helping your little ones play, fall, learn and enjoy. With timely collaborative and skill building activities, our teachers assist students to learn teamwork and sportsmanship right from their young age.

Indoor Play Areas

At such a crucial age, one of the most important aspects of every child’s growth is the physical and mental activities that he/she participates or engages in. Thus, with our comprehensive academic programme we bring to your child critical, creative and physical skills building indoor activities and games enabling them with an immersive growth experience.


The purpose of the math fun day is to enhance the ubiquity and beauty of Math. To make learners understand the math concept in fun way.
Learners get opportunity to learn about the different planets and about universe this how they build new vocabulary.
We introduce scientific concepts by capitalizing on learner innate curiosity about the world. ... Preschoolers find science in trips to the park and the playground, and in water and sand play, making fruit salad, rolling toys down a ramp, and building with blocks. They also do sink and float, changing of colours, etc.
Preschool children are just learning about how the year is organized. During calendar time they are beginning to learn the days of the week and months. Use these preschool activities to teach them about the four seasons, too. They will learn the names of the seasons, the weather that is typical and other distinguishing characteristics of each season. To give the real life experience they dress up as different seasons and come.
Dress Up Day
Learners always enjoy dressing up in costumes and engaging in dramatic roleplaying. Whether they become a dragon, princess, or a fairy,, their brain is going into high gear when they puts on a costume!When a learner dons that cape, crown, or pirate’s eye-patch, his brain is developing.. As early childhood education it benefit cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally through dress-up play.


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