Parenting with Purpose: Best Essential Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children

July 25th 2023

If you are a parent to a growing child, you will know that every parent hopes to raise successful kids who are happy and fulfilled in life. But no matter what strategy you undertake for their right upbringing, you will realize that schools play a vital role in it all. This is right from the pre-primary school level. If you are on the lookout for the best pre-primary schools in Mumbai, the options are many of course. However, choosing the right one and more importantly the one that will suit your child’s specific needs is always a challenge. Here are some essential suggestions for promoting the development of contented and successful children, however, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. When it comes to choosing the right one amongst the best pre-primary schools in Mumbai for your child, the following are the essentials:

Structured Learning Environment

You need to choose Pre-primary schools that offer a structured learning environment that helps children develop routines and discipline. The school you choose must help the student or child prepare for the next academic level. They normally have the best teachers for meeting this all-important requirement.

Choose Pre-Primary Schools that ensure Social Interaction

Interacting with other children in a pre-primary school setting helps children learn valuable social skills like sharing, cooperating, and making friends. Play-Based Learning: Pre-primary schools often use play-based learning methods, which make education fun and engaging for children. This approach stimulates creativity and imagination. Thus, when choosing from the best pre-primary schools in Mumbai for your child, this is an essential criterion that you must not overlook.

The school needs to ensure exposure to diversity for the child

In a pre-primary school, children from various backgrounds come together, promoting exposure to diversity and fostering a sense of inclusivity. Once this is done the overall development of the child’s personality can be ensured.

The school must have Specialized Teachers

There is no denying the fact that teachers have a direct influence on the quality of the teaching and the education that is imparted. Therefore, trained and experienced teachers in pre-primary schools understand the developmental needs of young children and can cater to their requirements effectively. These teachers know exactly how best to go about the learning of the child. Thus, they make learning a lot more effective for them.

Early Identification of Learning Challenges

Pre-primary teachers can often identify early signs of learning challenges or developmental delays, enabling early intervention and support. Any challenge no matter how tough can easily be overcome with this.

Must allow for cultivating the curiosity of the child

Pre-primary schools provide ample opportunities for exploration and hands-on learning, nurturing a child's natural curiosity. Building Confidence: Through various activities and accomplishments, pre-primary schools help children build confidence in their abilities and talents.


Preschoolers (children aged 3 to 6) go through a joyful period of physical growth. Children's ability to express their feelings throughout this stage improves over infancy. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is essential for children's physical Development since it promotes strong muscle and bone growth.