Fascinating activities that will level up your toddler’s creativity!

June 22nd 2021

The most significant factor that plays a huge role in early childhood development is creative thinking. Children do not only enhance their skills physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally, but also establish self-expressions via creative imagination.They vocalise their thoughts using sounds, colours, and shapes, which as a result, strengthens their problem-solving and critical thinking skillsmaking them intellectually strong. Usage of pencil, crayons, and paintbrushes motivate children to develop their motor skills boosting their cognitive and confidence quotient.

However, amongst allthese benefits of encouraging creativity in children, elevated social communication skills always top the list. Adhering to the fact that there are numerous advantages associated with creative thinking, Spring Buds International Play School in Pune shares fun ways to boost creativity in children that will promote creative thinking among your toddler on another level.

Cut & Stick

This activity is a master in building the creative level of a preschooler. You only need to providea scissor, glue, paper, board and a few colours to your tot and ask them to cut the paper in different shapes, colour it, and paste it on the board under your guidance. This memorable piece of art will surely help you in enhancing the motor skill of your child.

Clay Modeling

Playing with a lump of clay is undoubtedly the most fun-oriented thing that a kid would love to do! So give themsome clay and let them take over their imaginations as with every shape they create, their mental skills will improve.


Painting is another bestway of developing children’s creativity as it allows them to explore their imaginations.All you need is watercolour and a sheet. Let them decide between paintbrushes and fingers to paint their visuals. It is one of the messiest yet entertaining ways to choose.

Dramatic Play

It’s a kind of activitythat every toddler will love to do. Select any character from famous stories such as Simba: The Lion or make one of your own inspired from daily life and ask your child to play the same. The conversations and situations that your child will create would lead them to social, emotional, and language skills development.

A New Ending

You would’ve often read out your kid’s favourite story during bedtime. But now there’s a twist. Read the story they love and ask themto give it a new ending. They can add more characters or pickanother one from a different story. This activity will permit their fantasies and uplift abstract thinking in them.

A Creative Out-of-the-Box

Play with your kids some out-of-the-box games that are mind-boggling. It can be a word scramble or a general knowledge test. Thesesuper interesting games will guide them in developing skills like coordination, self-expression, and fine motor skills.

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Play School in Pune believes that creativity is more than talent and skill. It’s about being more flexible and becoming better problem solvers and critical thinkers. Thus, the best Nursery School in Mumbai ushers every parent to let their child fly to explore their level of creativity.