5 Fun Games That Will Make Your Preschooler Smarter

April 26th 2021

Playing with children is amongst thrilling ways to strengthen the bond. However, the parents are often clueless about what to do when they’re in their children’s company. Especially amid extended lockdown in India due to COVID-19, these fire munchkins and their uncontrollable energies have come to a halt. Parents want to spend quality time with children, but a compact routine makes it impossible to do anything much.

Nevertheless, indulging with children in fun activities isn’t a big task if parents choose the correct option. Manifesting in physical excitement can be interesting if the exchange between the parent and a child equally teaches them along while playing. Play School In Juhu shares five fun ideas for playing with the child which parents would surely love.

Rhymes and Songs

Our parents, grandparents and their grandparents always recited lullabies and poetries that signified a story. The same we can do for our toddlers. Building time around music with children will develop a lifelong habit of doing things together, just like singing together.

Role Play

Children love to listen to stories, but what if you turn the story into real? Mother and father becoming the king and the queen, or sister and mother becoming the police and the burglar, can make the story come alive. Acting out narrations will create drama and also instil stage skills such as acting or public speaking.

Treasure Hunt

Children often get fascinated when someone announces a treasure hunt. You can make teams in the family and find a delicacy or a hidden toy at home together. Children love mystery and adventure, and this will make the process more engaging. Also, this can refresh toddler’s mind when they’ve been inside the house for so long.

Fun with Animals

Playing with animals, especially pets, involves a different experience of sensory touch. In this way, children learn to communicate better and understand non-verbal communication better. They learn to empathize, which is an essential human quality and make global connections.

Building Work

Any activity that involves building something fresh and creative like building blocks and clay dough requires planning, thinking and strategy. It has multi-dimensional outcomes, whereas s simple puzzles may only have one solution. Also, there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes along with creating something new. It can be a great idea to ignite the imagination in your loved ones.

Each of these suggested playing ideas stimulates multiple sides of the brain. So that even when you and your child is not doing any physical activity, the child still sees it as action-packed, well, fun. International Preschools In Mumbai emphasize playfulness through mindfulness, and therefore, the school ushers every parent to imbibe these games into their kid’s lifestyle to make it more exhilarating.