Best Preschool in Mumbai Share Tips to Make Communication Effective with Children

August 28th 2021

Communication is an integral part of our lives. Since birth, we have always been a part of the conversation. Whether it is an emotional conversation in personal life or an informative one in professional life, we have always formed our perceptions based on these discussions. Essentially in kids, these negotiations not only build their inner voice but also behaviour fortheir respective surroundings. But have you ever thought about how would you help them build a constructive inner voice?

The key to it is talking with children daily despite busy schedules. There musthave been times when you would’ve kept the conversation with children light and quick so that you move on to meet your tasks. However, you have no idea that minimizing this quality time can have a negative impact on their growth to what extent. Knowing that a child’s personality is determined based on positive communication and interaction during the early years, parents must give them the required attention, so they don’t develop a conflicting nature.

The Best Preschool in Mumbai shares below some effective ways of communicating with little ones for every parent.

Make eye contact

The body is involved in a conversation as much as the words. Therefore every time you talk with your kid do not forget to maintain eye contact. This will show your attentiveness towards them and encourage them to speak their heart out. This way you will achieve active and transparent connection.

Acknowledge feelings

Acknowledging is the first step towards acceptance. When you begin to do the same as parents, you grant your child a sense of security. Your empathy will not only make them sensitive towards other people’s feelings and emotions but also teach them its value and validity.

Filter the correction to levels

When children make mistakes, telling them why they were wrong is more important than just labelling them as bad. It is the parent’s responsibility to explain them and not just expect them to stop when they want. This will help children understand the implications of their behaviour on others and act accordingly.

Teach them how to say ‘No’ firmly

While parents use no to decline any wrong doing or request of a child, it is equally necessary to teach them about saying no firmly whenever they’re uncomfortable in a situation. It is important to tell them that every ‘no’ is not a negative answer. It is more likely to be a choice made in case of your safety and security

Use more “Dos” than “Don’ts”

Parents often emphasise don’ts to stop their children from acting a certain way. However, its excessive usage in daily life can promote anger or stubbornness in the child. Therefore it is vital to swap the don’ts with dos in a more polite manner. For example, prefer to say, “Play gently with your sister” instead of “Don’t hit your sister”.

Use Kind Words

Respect is the core of any relationship. And it comes with communication that follows kind words. You may see that children raised with appreciation and respect have better self-worth compared to the kid who is shamed or ridiculed. Therefore saying things like “Thank you for helping me” or “You did a good job” is really crucial.

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Play School in Kandivali East believes that communicating is the only way to thrive in this overwhelming world and it is the key to a healthy relationship with your child. Therefore we emphasise communicating regularly with children, so they create a positive view of themselves and the world.