Spring Buds International Pre School In Oshiwara

At Spring Buds International Preschool Oshiwara, we believe that every child is special and they have an ability to be remarkable learners with the right kind of motivation, encouragement, and care, and we strive to provide just that with a brilliant nurturing environment where your kids have enough space to find their own place. 

Our curriculum is designed to cater to the special needs of individual children, so that everyone is given equal attention and care and no one is left out. It is devised to nurture, care and fulfil the diverse needs of our little learners. Classrooms at Spring Buds International Playschool Oshiwara are spacious with child proof interiors, to provide a safe and secure environment for the children to play and learn in the best possible manner. We provide a conducive environment where children have access to all the necessary learning materials and learning aids. This encourages independence and self-learning in children. We have competent team of teachers who are skilled and qualified caregivers and are equipped with latest teaching practices, methodologies, and safety standards and are passionate towards children. 

We have play areas including sand play area where children can play and interact with each other and make friends. Special events celebrated at our school include Grandparent’s Day, Barnyard Day, Transport Day, Annual Day, and Sports Day. We encourage our learners to participate in these events so as to provide them with opportunities to explore and develop their talents and skills. For a better security of your child we have CCTV cameras installed in and around the school premises. 

For more information visit:www.cpgoenkaoshiwara.com

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