Spring Buds International Pre School In Lamington Road


At Spring Buds International Playschool Lamington, we aim at providing the best standard of education to our children to make them ready for their further academic journey. Spring Buds International was initiated with an aspiration to kindle the imagination in children. We aspire to provide such an environment for children to create a fun and rewarding experiences that would help them learn, experiences that would last for a lifetime.


We at Spring Buds International Pre School Lamington, have come up with some innovative programmes to help your child develop skills and intelligence at an early age and in a better manner.

Pre Playgroup / The Toddler Transitional Programme 

This programme is for children around the age of one and half year. It is an age where they can perform several activities on their own without assistance and we help them do just that. It includes sessions of one and half hour for five days in a week.


The preschool is where the children learn to develop the skills they were introduced to earlier. Spring Buds aims at developing the child to be independent while also being able to coexist and coordinate with others.

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