Spring Buds International Preschool In Borivali

The modern children need to compete and collaborate in a globalized world. They need to develop a strong foundation from the very beginning. Spring Buds International Pre School Borivali offers your child with a unique preschool that addresses the needs of your children at this crucial age. We provide a state of the art infrastructure and facilities that meet the international standards.

Our curriculum, at Spring Buds International Playschool Borivali, is designed to nurture and help develop the various talents and skills the children are born with. We help your child develop self-esteem, confidence, and respect for themselves as well as others. The curriculum aims for a holistic development of our young learners. The children learn in an interactive manner while having fun all the way. The classrooms are spacious and airy, and each room is installed with smart boards. Audio visual rooms and resource labs are a great way of integrating learning experiences with activities. We provide plenty avenues for the children to play around and release their energy. 

Other facilities at Spring Buds International School in Borivali includes library facility, in house counsellor, and puppet theatre. The buses are well equipped with safety standards, and have lady attendants.

We believe that each child has talents, and therefore we encourage them to take part in various activities, including sports, performing art activities, dance, and speech and drama. We have sports day and annual day where the children get the opportunity to discover and display their talents.

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