Spring Buds International Preschool In Kandivali

Spring Buds International Pre School Kandivali was set up with an objective to provide a holistic development of the children during their formative years. Our institution along with highly dedicated faculty members are committed to provide a nurturing environment that meets the international standards, for the children. We follow a creative approach towards education so as to allow the children to grow and develop in their own unique way, under appropriate guidance.
The state of the art infrastructure provides your children with a safe and healthy environment to play, interact and learn efficiently. We have spacious and airy classrooms for the children to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. The classrooms are equipped with digital boards and the interiors are child-friendly, so as to prevents mishaps. There are CCTV cameras installed in the premises for a better security.

We at Spring Buds International Playschool Kandivali provide all the necessary facilities, and beyond, for your children to learn, interact and enjoy in a better manner. The facilities provided includes computer lab, library, and a big stage for various events and performances. We have a jungle gym for the children to release all that extra energy. Our curriculum includes field trips and culminations as well so that the children learn while having fun and activities. We always encourage our little learners to take active part in celebrations and functions related to festivals, Annual Day, Sports Day, etc. This way they get to explore their skills and talents from an early age.

For more information visit:www.sbisthane.com

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