What Does Your Child Learn at Playschools in Juhu, Mumbai?

January 24th 2020

For many parents, it becomes very hard to find the perfect nursery school in Mumbai for their child. The aspect that is the most crucial is what do you expect your child to be gaining from the playschool. During the scouting phase, the parents must make sure to discuss the matter with the faculty of each school to better understand what the best for their child’s development would be. Ideally, the curriculum should be a healthy mix of academics with fun-learning activities and games.

Preschool in Juhu

During their time in a playschool in Juhu, the child would be made privy to the basic requisites of starting their formal education. They would be taught the alphabets and the sounds they make, numbers, colours and shapes. Apart from these basics, the students are guided on how to start reading and the idea of mathematics through simple activities is inculcated. Now, it is important to realise that every student is different, and they all take their different times to grasp onto things. They should be kindly encouraged.

Though most parents might think that the academic development of their child should come foremost, it is important to realise that there are several more fundamental skills that the children need to learn. Playschools in Juhu, through fun games and activities, instil these crucial skills in the kids.

Following are some of the substantial skills the toddlers learn:

  • ●   Social Skills and Emotional Management - The kids during their time in a preschool get the dedicated opportunity to interact with other kids their age. In doing so they learn the basics of social communication like sharing, taking turns, negotiating, handling conflicts at the playground and most importantly being kind and empathetic.

  • ●   Personal Skills - When a child starts attending a nursery school in Mumbai, it is effectively the first time the child faces the need to handle themselves on their own. The faculty there is sure to assist your child in every way but the aim is to let them learn to be able to eat, use the loo and take care of their belongings independently.

  • ●   Language Skills - Through various activities like greeting their peers and rhymes and stories, the toddlers are taught how to comprehend language. This helps them learn how to string ideas together and how to have topical conversations.

It becomes very important to pick a playschool that understands your child’s needs and helps them develop in a positive nurturing environment. The highly trained and experienced faculty at Spring Buds International Preschool perfectly comprehends such needs and answer to them fittingly.