Virtual learning for toddlers with Spring Buds Play school in Mumbai

July 23rd 2020

With unlock 1.0 restoring our lives back into normalcy through the permission of certain activities; schools and nurseries for children still remain shut as the concerns for their safety looms over our head. And as parents we know that you are worried for your toddlers education all the more now, as the year 2020 brings a halt to their learning through the restrictions put up on the functioning of schools, nurseries and pre-schools. While many have switched to home learning, taking up a full time home learning plan for their toddlers still seem like a difficult task for many parents due to their commitments of work, household chores and other family duties.

Preschool in Mumbai

Well, as nurturers of your little ones, we at Spring Buds international school understand your plight and are here with our latest round of Nursery school admission in Mumbai and Pune with our virtual e-learning and schooling platform. 2020 although may be a bad year but cannot be the gap year for your child’s learnings and education and therefore we are here to help you fill that gap right away. Enrol your child into the virtual nurseries of the best pre-school in Mumbai and Pune and unleash their world of knowledge, skill, fun and activities through our uniquely designed virtual e-learning platform.

Being at home may sure make your child confined within the four walls of their room, but with Spring Buds international’s virtual nursery school, you can open up their world into new age learning and skill development. Being one of the best Preschool in Mumbai and Pune, we ensure that our teachers are empowered with all the necessary skills that are needed to make the e-learning sessions for your kids an enlightening, exciting and insightful one. From a show and tell format of teaching to even video storytelling, from class room chatter to even virtual birthday celebrations, the platform enables students to enjoy the excitement of a classroom right from the comforts of their home. Gone are the days when you had to break your heads on planning activities for your kids as with our virtual e-learning platforms the kids are not only occupied for hours but are also encouraged to indulge in home work and other fun learning activities that keeps them entertained the whole day.

In addition to this, our curriculum is also designed such that we make the best of your child’s inquiry based minds and curiosities through a seamless and holistically planned assessment technique. Our teachers go beyond their roles to serve as mentors to your little ones providing them one on one learnings and also helping them sail through each of their subjects with ease. We, at Spring Buds international believe in the power of a child’s kindergarten experiences shaping their future and therefore strive to curate just the right one through our activities. From passion based art and craft activities to even certain higher order courses such as coding and robotics, our pre-school education can make your kid all prepped up for their future while having fun and enjoying their learnings.

Take your child’s nursery school admission in Mumbai at Spring Buds international now and witness the transformation of your geniuses into a global citizen of tomorrow.