Unravel the top 6 benefits of learning a foreign language with the International School in Pune!

September 10th 2021

Learning a foreign language has numerous advantages. It not only exposes children to new cultures and allows them to immerse themselves in them, but it also provides them with possibilities that they would not have had otherwise. Adhering to the fact that the world is shrinking as a result of technological advancements and that many new hidden languages may emerge in no time, teaching your child a foreign language will allow them to develop communication skills as well as worldwide connections!

Some of the most prominent reasons why parents should urge their children to learn a foreign language are shared by CP Goenka International School in Pune.

Brain development

Children who speak two or more languages perform better than monolinguals in activities that require multitasking and attention, according to research. They also have different cognitive processes than monolinguals in their brains.

Enhanced communication skills

Children that are multilingual can readily communicate with others in their local language, strengthening their bonds. Expanded work opportunities, interesting travel trips, and the ability to manage a multinational group without hardship will benefit children for the rest of their lives.

Increased empathy

When children are able to communicate in other languages, they become more conscious of various cultures. They'll be able to comprehend and empathise with people from all backgrounds, which is a valuable talent to have as a child. In every way, the world is getting more global, and this will help them become global leaders.

Boosted creative skills

Your brain becomes more flexible as well as creative when you learn a new language and you also gain a deeper knowledge of other cultures. Bilinguals have been found in various studies to have higher levels of creativity and problem-solving abilities than those who only speak one language.

Easy travel life

Children with multilingual skills will have an easier time navigating a new nation because knowing a second language makes learning new languages easier. Simple greetings like "hi," "how are you doing?" and "thank you!" would encourage kids to learn more.

Both fluency and fun

Learning a new language is always enjoyable. Being bilingual is appealing since the abilities children will acquire will serve them well throughout their lives. They will have a sense of success and self-confidence as a result of the overwhelming gratitude they will get.

Your child will always enjoy and benefit from learning a new language. It will provide him or her with abilities that they can apply in a variety of situations throughout their lives. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from all around the world, and it could even lead to an international trip! Therefore, the Best Preschool in Pune ushers every parent to teach their child a foreign language.