Understand What is Stuttering and How to Help Toddlers Overcome It

March 27th 2021

Very few issues cause children to lose confidence in themselves as stuttering does. Kids, who are known for questioning everything due to their untamed curiosity, fully stop talking in most cases once this speech impediment sprouts. The main reason for this lack of communication is the fact that other kids can typically ridicule and be inconsiderate. in time, the disfluent child may additionally develop social anxiety, anger problems, and become aggressive. Afterwards, although the stuttering in children and toddlers goes away, different temperament traits that were affected because of it may prolong and make life troublesome for the disfluent child.

All toddlers bear a stage where they struggle to pronounce specific syllables or words. It usually happens when the toddler is between two to five years of age. However, some children stutter well after the age of five. Though there are various treatments obtainable to alleviate this hindrance, doctors aren’t precisely sure what causes it. Some believe it’s a miscommunication between the brain and the vocal muscles that produce sounds, whereas others say it’s genetic.

So how do we tackle such a detrimental health condition and facilitate the affected child to deal with it? For that, Spring Buds International Preschool in Mumbai explains what stuttering in children and toddlers actually means.

  • When a toddler stutters, you would possibly see some facial movement. It’ll seem as if the child is rigidifying his muscles when struggling with a word.
  • The kid can attempt to stop himself from taking part in things that may make him speak.
  • Repetition will feel good for a child who struggles with stuttering and bring him a sense that the stuttering problem is gone whereas, the focus from the root cause is just being diverted.

Ways to aid a disfluent child.

  • The very first thing that should be done is regulating the speed of speech. Once the speed is reduced, words won’t strain the child’s speech. Take a note of all the words you detected your kid has a tough time with. Then sit with him and urge him to recite sentences within which you used those words.
  • Remember, stuttering happens, not owning to the dearth of information, however because of the misfiring of the brain. Never tell the child to think or slow down before speaking. Simply enable them to talk although they make mistakes and help the child get that flow.
  • A family gathering can be often used beneficially. Rather than resorting to TV or video games, you shall involve the kid in family chatter. However, confine your mind to not correct your kid ahead of anyone, and make sure you request your guests to try to an equivalent. This may inevitably have a negative impact on their self-assurance.
  • When you speak with your kid, speak slowly and clearly. Not a result of they don’t perceive, but your kid shouldn’t feel alone when he speaks slow. This will help the child gain confidence in speaking in front of others, and bit by bit, they will learn to do it without you.
  • In some cases, none of the solutions might work. Don’t fret. There are multiple speech therapists available who specialize in treating disfluent children.

Stuttering is common in budding children and toddlers and is extremely improbable that it will continue into adulthood. Therefore nursery school in Mumbai ushers that if your child stutters, don’t panic. The matter can often be dealt away with effort and consistency.