Tips on Improving Toddler’s Skills at Home with e-learning with the Best Preschool in Pune

July 21st 2020

The 2020 lockdown has been difficult for all of us! From adults to even the children; having stayed under the lockdown has made us all bored out of our minds making us resort to cooking, painting and every other activity that might keep us entertained. Well, while as adults we do have our work, our household chores or simply our children to keep us entertained and active, the story does not seem the same for your toddlers. With little or no interactions with their friends, games, outdoor activities and sports, kids are turning into their own zone of dullness and lethargy.

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While several Preschools in Mumbai and Pune are now resorting to digital and virtual classrooms, there is still a lot that you can do as parents to make your toddler improve their learning skills at home. Here are five simple tips for you that can help you improve your child’s daily activities.

1. Create a routine for them

One of the first and foremost things to make a child an active and a responsible learner is to make them abide by a routine. Curate a set routine or a time table for their day and ensure that they follow it. This will not only help them learn the importance of schedules and time tables like a school but will also make them responsible in terms of managing their time.

2. Isolate their learning space

One of the biggest distractions for your child is always the mix up of toys, play area and study area. It is highly recommended that you isolate your toddler’s study area from their play area such that they get used to that space. This will also minimize the chances of them getting distracted during their study time.

3. Provide a fun environment

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, this classic saying holds true even during the era of our lockdown. Create a fun and colourful study for your child such that they are provided not only a conducive environment for their learnings but also a fun space that makes their learnings exciting.

4. Help, don’t teach

Your child learns better if you help them understand and learn with them rather than become their teacher. As one of the best Preschool in Pune and Mumbai, we resort to this technique throughout all our classroom sessions thereby enabling your child to become a self-learner and a curious individual hungry for knowledge. While taking care of your child’s home works make sure that you help them discover their own meanings and solutions rather than teaching them through their subjects.

5. Resort to School’s resources

One of the most crucial things to help your child learn in a systematic and orderly manner is to stick to a set of useful resources in the form of subjects or books. At Spring Buds international school, one of the best preschools in Mumbai, we keep a close eye on every stage of your child’s development and therefore curate their classroom sessions such that their learnings take place in an orderly manner.

Follow these simple tips every day and ensure a healthy and holistic growth for your toddler even during these difficult and challenging times of the lockdown.