Tips From The Best Preschool in Thane to Keep Your Toddler Engaged During Lockdown 2020

April 24th 2020

During this period of nationwide lockdown when children are left under house arrest, parents should know how to keep these little energy balls occupied and active. This is a tricky time for all of us and it’s all about managing the time effectively. It is important to come up with ideas that are engaging as well as character-building. Toddlers are free-spirited and have a keen eye for the smallest of things. Hence this becomes an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your kid and pay attention to their personal growth. Since schools are closed, make sure that your schedule reinforces what’s done at school. Give them worksheets and assignments to bring their curriculum learning into daily practice.

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Introduce them to brainstorming activities that indulge their genius minds in the creative zone. Try inexpensive ways to keep kids busy. Give them coloured papers, ice-cream sticks, balloons, unwanted woollen threads, match sticks, glue, etc. and encourage them to make the best out of waste. This DIY activity will keep them involved for long hours. Flameless cooking can be another interesting option to be a part of. Get them to make their munchies or any light meal with easy flameless cooking recipes. Making a vegetable sandwich, lime water, fruit chaat or sweet corn salad can be a few easy-to-prepare items. You can also ask them to clean their toy stock and segregate them accordingly, which will build a sense of responsibility in their nature and teach them discipline. Encourage storytelling. This comes naturally to younger kids. Creating and elaborating their fantasies with their most favourite action figures enhances their imaginative powers and build stronger communication abilities.

We understand the necessity of collaboration between a parent and a child in this challenging and changing situation. Spring Buds International School being the best pre-school in Thane, we believe that each toddler should learn something consistently without any interruption in their development. Even though we are physically at lockdown but our mind is in the state of freedom and this is the right time where every skill within your toddler can turn into their passion in the future and guide them towards their respective goals. To help them through this phase of quarantine we need to consider how this new world looks and feels to them. Don’t let the stories circulating over the world take your attention from well-being and an ideal opportunity to become a full-time mentor to your child.

Physical isolation doesn’t mean absolutely cutting contact with social world, and amidst this lockdown, Spring Buds International School believes in the teamwork with the parents to get through this phase and support each toddler for their best.