Ten games to make kids smarter

November 22th 2023

Engaging in play activities with kids fosters stronger family ties. Frequently, parents find themselves unable to decide what to do while in their children's presence. Parents desire to have meaningful interactions with their kids. However, most parents struggle to do much because of their hectic schedules. They are either compelled to bring work home or are engrossed in their social media networks.

Children's constant need to hop around causes tension. Additionally, parents don't want to stay on the couch or bed when it's a holiday, and they're at home.

There appears to be an energy-level contest going on.

Ten games to make kids smarter

Even while kids at an international Preschool in Mumbai desire to engage in enjoyable activities that make them physically excited, they also need to be exposed to a range of activities.

These are ten entertaining games you may play with kids.

1. Rhymes and Songs

Who said it's not enjoyable to sing and recite? Kids enjoy joining in on songs. When parents spend quality time with their kids listening to music, they create a lifetime habit of doing things together.

2. Role Play

Whether the mother is the king, the father the queen, the sister the police, or the mother the robber, the choices are unlimited. Making situations come alive through acting. Adding a teddy bear, toy, action figure, or cushion adds drama.

3. Anything to Do with Balls

Seeing kids perform amazing feats with these spherical, bouncing objects—kick, catch, and throw is entertaining. Most parents find it amusing when babies and toddlers pick up the ball and bring it elsewhere instead of kicking it away. Depending on the age, how kids handle balls of varied sizes and forms.

4. Treasure Hunt

Sometimes, everyone becomes a team when they hunt for something together. Discovering a treat or a toy at home could be it. Or perhaps it's collecting seashells on the shore. When they are searching for something, children enjoy the feeling of anticipation.

5. Stories

Books and reading time come to mind while thinking about stories. Stories come alive in many ways, including making up stories with kids. Audiobooks are another. Listening to grandparents tell stories with kids is fun too.

6. Puzzles

Stories are what puzzles are, nothing less. They possess the exact characteristics of mystery and imagination as storytelling. Children at an international Preschool school learn to anticipate the solution and pick up valuable skills like perseverance and problem solving.

7. Art and Craft

Kids may express their creativity and sense of beauty through beading, cutting (with safety scissors), and gluing. Engaging in arts and crafts activities with kids fosters their understanding of colors, shapes, and a sense of order and pattern.

8. Fun with Animals

Playing with animals, particularly dogs, offers a variety of tactile experiences. Youngsters from preschool school in Oshiwara get improved communication skills and a deeper understanding of nonverbal cues. They also acquire new abilities related to empathy.

9. Building Work

Planning, reasoning, and strategy are necessary for any activity that involves creating something from scratch, such as building blocks, clay dough, and dough sand. Making something new also brings with it a feeling of fulfillment. In contrast to puzzles, which often have a single solution, creating things allows for multiple solutions.

10. Balloon game

Give each kid two balloons. Start with 30 seconds to keep the balloons in the air after calling "Start!" They'll sweep balloons in the air using their nose or fingers if they're good. Be smart. The game boosts coordination and gross motor skills.


The best part is that they're all enjoyable. These game concepts activate different brain parts for the kids to perceive it as exciting and enjoyable even when their parents and kids are not engaging in physical activity.