Spring Buds International Shares Nutritional Techniques to Fuel Your Child’s Overall Development

October 22nd 2020

Every parent today is well aware that for the growth of the child, ‘balanced-diet’ is a must. But what does the term ‘balance’ refer here? A balanced-diet consist of nine supreme nutrients that every child should get daily. Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Calcium, Iron, Folate, Fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C are the prime elements that make a diet balanced.

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Especially amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the world has realized the significance of health and its maintenance. Whether a toddler or a teen, nutrients are vital contributing facts to his/her physical and mental health. However, nutrients differ from age to age. Hence Spring Buds Preschool in Mumbai, brings to you what children need, no matter what age.

1. Start with breakfast

Amongst all the nutrients, protein is the most powerful one. Thus giving your child protein at the beginning of the day will set their day right. Knowing that morning can be quite hectic, prepare your beloved with these healthy options of breakfast such as fruits, eggs, dry fruits, and home-made energy bars.

2. Make mealtime a priority

To establish an eating habit in children, parents must inculcate the habit of sitting together on the table while having different times of meal. During these mealtimes, you can monitor their eating habits and know what they prefer to eat and how. You can also set an example in front of your children by eating healthier always. It will bring them in discipline and keep negative association with food at bay.

3. Shift to healthier food

You don’t have to necessarily alter eating schedule and choices in a day. Initiate gradually by shifting to small healthier habits. Firstly, replace unhealthy items from your fridge with helpful alternatives. Teach them to eat in an organized manner and not binge eat adversely.

4. Regulate sugar consumption

Sugar is a natural ingredient that is available in multiple food options ranging from fruits and veggies to dairy products and grains. Also, a few food sources consist of added sugar which can lead to mood disorders, obesity, and diabetes. To limit sugar in eatables, parents can make sweet items a special treat instead of a regular part of a diet. Eliminating sugar drinks and modifying recipes by reducing sugar level can also be a great way to maintain sugar consumption.

5. Make vegetables and fruits appealing

Making your child friendly with vegetables and fruits is only possible when you keep filler eating items such as chips or chocolates out of their reach. Let children participate in grocery shopping so they can choose their favourite fruits or vegetables. And being the smart cook that you are, add your desired veggies in recipes secretly in the most delicious way possible.

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