Significance Of Motor Skills For Kids

November 14th 2022

A motor skill is a capacity to use the body's muscles in a precise way to achieve a specified goal. These chores could involve lifting, running, or walking. The coordination of the nervous system, muscles, and brain required to perform this skill is termed amotor skill.

The advancement of motor skills is probably going to take place in the sequence. The inner body, which includes the head, neck, arms, and legs, is where it begins. From there, it proceeds to the outer body, which includes the hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Since physical development is linked to other aspects of development, motor development is crucial throughout a child's early years. A child's ability to crawl or walk, for instance, makes it easier for them to experience their physical surroundings, which has an impact on how they grow cognitively. As soon as a child can speak, eat, and drink, their social and psychological development advances.

Two main categories of motor movement:

Fine Motor Skills

"Fine motor abilities" are the capacity to manipulate small muscles in the hands, wrists, and fingers. With these abilities, a young toddler can grab, clutch, grip, and squeeze anything. Fine motor abilities involve holding a glass, picking up objects, and writing with a pencil. These abilities aid in teaching kids how to take care of themselves. Kids employ their fine motor abilities for a variety of school and daily activities. Here are a few instances of tasks that call for fine motor skills.

Writing in cursive

Video gameplay

Playing instruments, like the guitar

Keypad use


Gross Motor Skills

To accomplish daily tasks like standing, moving, tossing, leaping, and sitting, a person has to be able to move their entire body and use their major muscles. It makes extensive use of the body, legs, and arms. We employ our gross motor abilities without much effort or thought daily. Here are a few instances of exercises that make use of our gross motor skills.

Launching a ball

Punting a ball

Strolling down a road

Moving a bucket up

Advantages of Motor Skills

We receive numerous advantages on a daily basis. Here, we'll go over a few advantages of children having good motor skills.

It increases children's self-confidence. Kids who participate in sports begin to develop their decision-making abilities.

It encourages physical wellness.

It enables them to be active and relieve tension.

It improves children's cognitive abilities.

It fosters children's creative abilities.

Sports and other physical activities aid children in developing their social skills.

How to enhance Motor Skills?

Your child's motor skills can be improved in a variety of ways. Let's talk about a few of them.

Play puzzle games with your kid.

Painting and drawing can aid in your child's development of creativity.

On some paper, create some shapes, then instruct your toddler to trim them out.

Your toddler can also have fun while practising fine motor skills by playing in the sand.

Set up a LEGO and building block task for your toddler. It improves their capacity for rationality.

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