Preschool in Mumbai Stresses the Importance of ‘Family Time’ for Every Kid’s Mental Wellbeing

January 21st 2021

Parents are probably very diligent about fulfilling their kids need at every stage starting from getting the vaccinations on time to growing them as individuals. Whether a full time or part-time job, childcare still remains an essential commitment as a parent. But have we ever thought about our child’s mental health and adjustments? A child’s healthy state of mind is just as supreme as physical health, especially when it comes to dealing with academics. However, the fact is often overlooked that a child from birth to adulthood needs family time and a parent’s attention.

Sometimes we become so focused to raise a successful child that we let go the importance of spending time and interacting with them personally. Simply picking up kids from school and rushing to extracurricular activities or supervising homework doesn’t fill the box. As a parent, when you build the crux of your child full of empathy and compassion, they are likely to be happier and successful when they grow up. Preschools In Andheri West believe that the impact of such family time is multifold.

To begin with, children get to realize their value in their parent’s life and feel loved. They also get an opportunity to model their parent’s behaviour where, in return, parents get to observe their little one’s strengths and weaknesses and can guide them in a much better way. But what if the equation between parents and children is noxious? This, in turn, gives rise to mental health problems and creates automatic adaptions to adjustments in their minds. While you wonder how and what needs to be done to combat such problems coming your child’s way, Preschools In Andheri West have come up with a few things that you should not miss out on!

Mealtime together

This includes time and involvement for coming up with the daily timetable, helping each other prepare the food, serve, and tidying up. Having a regular time for meals with your children is crucial. Parents should utilize this opportunity for family discussions related to what and how their children are doing and plan family activities.

Reading together

Parents need to take the initiative and ask tots about their favourite fiction books to later read them all together. It’s the best way to engage them in a discussion as you can get a sneak-peek into their thoughts and ideas. Asking them if they find any certain character alike someone they know is a great idea to keep them engaged for hours.

Activities together

Sharing spaces together work wonders when it comes to spending quality time with them. Practising yoga next to each other every morning or playing games in the park every evening, your increasing proximity in your child’s life with take you closer to his heart and mind.

Game nights together

We can have it with our champs too. Any board games or card games, or a puzzle play are great ways to have fun. Also, by listening, singing, or dancing together to your munchkins favourite songs will help us know their tastes and preferences.

Weekends together

Not just game nights, watching a movie together, whether at home or a theatre, discussing the impressions, looking for teachable moments, and having an open discussion related to characters, values, and analysing problems would also protect kids from having mental health issues.

Spring Buds International Preschool In Mumbai knows that nurturing a child is not a cakewalk and requires great effort on the parent’s part. However, it is a rewarding experience to see your child turn into a happy, well-adjusted, and contributing members of society. And thus, nothing matters more than ensuring a safe and stimulating environment for the child!