Playschool in Mumbai teaches children about human interconnectedness through family tree

May 26th 2020

Every human is interconnected to each other via certain relationship. With some we relate by blood while some are social relations we develop over the course of time such as friends and colleagues. Amongst all these equations, the most important and crucial one is the family, a group of people in which we live with as a unit. Family can also mean all the descendants of a common ancestor living together. Families are the most important components of society and people’s lives. We grow living with them, being loved and supported in all the phases of our life. Thus, it is important for our young ones to know about the each member in the family that acts as an influential pillar in one’s existence.

Preschool in Mumbai

Amidst the lockdown when children are deprived of going out and spending some quality time with their friends and family members during the summer vacations, Spring Buds International School, one of the leading playschools in Mumbai, initiated creating a family tree which serves as a good activity to inculcate a sense of belongingness in the toddlers and boost happiness in their young hearts. Simply put, a family tree can be a record of family's lineage. On the surface, family trees can be interesting bits of recorded history that help kids know about the heritage and let them closely monitor the hierarchy from generations to generations. There are numerous ways to construct a family tree. You can trace a male line or a surname from now to as far back as possible, or you can create a family history that fans out like a great tree that begins with your parents and include cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents as far back as you can trace.

Psychology has proven that family is the single most vital aspect of a child’s life. Upbringing within the family helps in constructing the values and principles crucial and mandatory to the individual. It is a space for personal expansion. According to the best preschool in Pune, It is the first place where a toddler actually learns about socialization and gain emotional as well as practical support. Thus, for developing better understanding of relationship in the minds of toddlers, family tree is crucial. It will introduce your child even to the ancestors they have never met or know. This family tree chart will help them increase the bond with the distant members as well.

Ultimately, family is responsible for shaping and inculcating values, skills and security. Raising children can be very difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding. With the help of this family building exercise, you can lend a solid foundation upon which your child can develop. All the visuals of the members can be really interesting to watch as all of them are genetically connected and would look alike. Guiding your loved ones towards establishing and maintaining a sense of self identity and letting them know about the initial roots from where the family started can be an enlightening experience. These are some benefits that comes from understanding the family tree and doing genealogical research.

The other major impact of this activity can be directly connecting to the historical events and places and introducing your toddler to the subject of history in the most mind boggling manner. This will fascinate them to learn more rapidly and daily about something new. This is the target of play school in Mumbai. We want the families to be united in these tough times, being there with each other and spend some memorable times that stays back in the mind of a toddler even in the future stages of life. This is not only a stimulating participation of the toddler but also the parents who lost the touch from the ancestors in their busy lives. Nevertheless, you make your child learn about the small beautiful world from where they belong in this gigantic planet.