Play School in Mumbai Shares Tricks to Build a Robust Memory in Your Pre-Schooler

January 22nd 2021

Living in this increasingly dynamic world, it’s a concern for parents to see their child getting distracted easily and unable to pay steady attention. However, the biggest fact is that human brain bridges with the neurons while trying to memorize something such as a habit or a skill. Now the question is how can the parents help their little one strengthen their memory? The answer is simple – consistency and good practice with which a parent can train the child’s brain to augment its abilities, including memory and concentration.

Spring buds International, theBest Preschool In Thane shares the following easy tips with all the tot parents, so it helps you develop a hardcore memory in your child for the learning years ahead.

1. Rightful diet -

As the brain develops rapidly during childhood, it requires the correct and ample amount of nutrition. Thus, the best that you can add to your toddler’s diet is some green leafy vegetables, fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, nuts, eggs, and other foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and complex carbohydrates. All this will fuel the brain aptly and improve the functioning of the brain.

2. Creating a mind map -

One of the best ways to boost your kid’s memory skills is through mind mapping. In this technique, you help them visually organize the information because mental triggers like connections, colours, and pictures help the brain memorize things easily. This will develop a higher level of understanding and engagement with concepts in your kid.

3. Visualise aspects -

Visualization is the first step to creating a mind map. You can use this method to teach your child basic concepts like addition by asking them to draw and then count. It makes the process more practical and enhances working memory. For instance, recalling directions while walking or using grammar when you write. Know that images are more powerful than words and guide your child accordingly.

4. Play memory games -

Childhood is the best time to learn new things as brain formation and functioning is at its peak. Therefore, whether it’s a concentration game or matching game, it will enhance tots skills while having a bit of fun. Memory games don’t only boost brain muscles but also improve their reflexes. In this way, they learn to explore their imagination.

5. Minimize learning stress -

Learning can be troublesome if kids feel the pressure to excel in academics or outshine their peers. Hence it’s important to make them feel that learning is an exciting, fun, and interesting ritual. You may witness an automatic turn of events with the positive reinforcement of thoughts. Making the learning process even more gratifying, you can also use tools like the picture and board games.

6. Break down information -

It can be challenging to grasp and remember a heck of information at a time. So, to help children retain large chunks of information, breaking them into smaller pieces can be quite easy. For example, splitting down a nine-digit phone number into three, so it’s easier to recall. This is applicable not just for academics but daily life as well. It will help your little one retain details effortlessly.

Spring Buds Play School In Mumbai knows that following certain methods will ensure healthy learning which, as a result, will ensure a happy and robust memory. Nevertheless, Best Preschool In Thane insists every parent on teaching children as per their receptive style of minds, so they achieve better memory retention.