Play School In Juhu recommends six healthy food swaps for budding toddlers

October 26th 2020

Eating habits are formulated in children during their early childhood days and influenced by individuals living in the family. But sometimes getting children to eat healthy food can feel like a battle. The greener the food, the greater the struggle. However, letting your child eat junk food items or sweets are not really that great as options.

Knowing that nutrition establishes a foundation for healthy eating habits, Spring Buds International Preschools In Mumbai makes it worth the struggle by simple swaps without sacrificing taste. These swaps are full of nutrition and on your budget too!

1. Whole wheat tortilla instead of white bread

Get creative and make great whole wheat swaps so your kids won’t say no. Spread some peanut butter over a wheat tortilla, roll it, and then slice it up. It will not only become finger-friendly but also benefit your child’s health with good nourishment.

2. Fruit infused water instead of fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks contain a whole lot of additives such as sugar and food colouring, and a less quantity of fruit juice. So instead, why not refill water bottle with sliced oranges, lemons, or limes? You only have to store it in the fridge and 100% natural juice with a tang is ready for your kid.

3. Popcorn instead of potato chips

Kids or adults, we all love popcorns as it is a substitute for high-fat chips filled with a pack of nutritional punch. It consists of zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and other essential minerals which are proven beneficial by nutritionists for toddlers.

4. Homemade porridge instead of readymade cereals

Porridges are a part of traditional Indian breakfast. It is quick to make, as well as healthy. Thus to enhance the flavour, you can add up a few nuts or dry fruits whether you’re planning to make Dalia or Ragi porridge. And your delicious recipe is ready-to-eat.

5. Homemade granola bar instead of biscuits

A granola bar is made up of oats, dark chocolate, dates, and nuts without white sugar. This ideal much bestows dense nutrients and gives a crunch at every bite. Its 100% better, tastier, and healthier compared to ordinary biscuits.

6. Real fruits instead of sweets

Sweets are not a great deal nutritionally as it contains added sugar or for some matter artificial sweetener. Thus, real fruits become the best alternative for satisfying sweet cravings as well as consuming dietary fibre and folate.

Establishing healthy eating habits is as important as teaching kids about the prominence of nutrients. And hence, Playschool In Juhu is raising awareness within parents that nutrients are vital but portion size matter too! That is why finding nutritious food is crucial that the child enjoys.