December 2nd 2019

The Rains are here! What a wonderful weather to step out, soak in the rains & relive the moments of Fun, Laughter and Excitement! It’s such also such a tempting time to pamper our taste buds with lip-smacking foods – Comfort Foods , as we “conveniently “ label them !

However, how comfortable is the food actually? Does it for a while, satisfy the heart, but probably hinder our gut? Or make us feel “good” for that moment , but could be bad for our insides, going ahead?

If these thoughts have not passed through your mind as yet, It is time now, to take a pause… and THINK.

Our children are our imprints. They have an extremely similar genetic structure to yours, which makes them predisposed to all or most of the ailments you currently have, or “could” have. If anything can break through or alter their probabilities of acquiring the ailments that may run in your families, It quite simply is, WHAT KIND OF FOOD THEY EAT.

Home food is often considered the glorified benchmark of “Good Food”. However, it doesn’t quite serve the purpose if it lacks the nutritional density, that it’s meant to contain. With the hygiene taken care of, a loaded vegetable sandwich from the school canteen may actually supersede the benefits of a Home made cheese pizza! -- What goes “into” meals determines What is seen from the “Outside” in a Child.


Ever wondered why kids get cranky when they are hungry? Or how even we, as adults fleet from a Sad face to a Smiling face when we are given our favorite food, like Cookies/ Pastries/ pasta etc.? – I would simply call it the Heaven while Science attributes it to Dopamine, or the feel good chemical secreted when we get certain foods that trigger the Happy feeling!

Food Choices are absolutely non negotiable for the Mind & Body connect for adults and children. Food Choices not only influence the release of important brain chemicals but also Impair OR Repair your child’s gut! To put it simply, we have 2 Brains – one in your head & one in your gut – both of which were created from the same tissues during fetal development. These 2 systems are connected via an important “Vagus” nerve, that connects from your Brain stem all the way down to the Abdomen.

Hence, Maintaining an Optimal gut health is of paramount importance when addressing your children’s mental health! Below is a quick list of what to banish & what to bring into your Kitchens from today!

White flour (Maida) , Refined White Sugar, Corn flour , Regular iodized Salt Whole-wheat flour, Bajra/Jowar flour, Cane sugar, Palm sugar, Rocksalt ( Sindhav salt)
Processed foods, Artificial Colours, Essences Fresh uncanned food, Natural colours derived from vegetable Purees.. eg,. Red from beetroot juice
Sugary Sweet items, Glucose loaded products Jaggery sweetened , Cane sugar , Date pulp infused
Packet meals like Maggi, Ready to eat meals Freshly made instant meals, home preserved
Aerated drinks, Sodas, Coloured Sherbets Freshly squeezed Juices, Fresh Sherbets like Rose

Good food is Nutritious Food. It is THE Key to your child’s Mindset & Moods! May you open the doors of your Kitchen to Health & Happiness! Its an investment for Life. Happy Cooking !