Nursery Schools in Mumbai Mentor Parents on How to Inculcate Important Hygiene Values in Kids

April 25th 2020

Health is the state of body that refers to both physical and mental well-being. To maintain good health it is important to look after the day to day hygiene. Hygiene refers to good practices that prevents an individual from various ailments and leads to good health. For preserving and maintaining sound health, one must bring hygiene to discipline and discipline that follows to habit. Play school in Pune often preach to the children that ‘Health is wealth’, as health is the most valuable that one can possess. Hand in hand, the mental and physical state remains connected and affects the present state of being equally. Thus, it becomes sensitive for parents to make sure that everything they’re doing is appropriate in context to their child’s mind.

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Health begins from the intake on your meal. You should negotiate the same to your toddler and tell them the significance of healthy eating. Make a diet plan for your child including a range of colourful food and help them understand the nutritional value of each item in the dish. This will encourage them to eat healthy and help them adapt eating all type of foods without any hesitation or rejection. Amidst the lockdown when being home completely seems to be a big challenge, don’t let your child be a couch potato. Mental fitness has a lot to do with their 360-degree growth. Hence it is crucial to avoid stagnancy and remain active for a sound state of mind and body. Help them pick enjoyable physical activities. A little yoga or a zumba dance can be perfect for your toddler as it is engaging and fun. These activities will keep your toddler away from obesity or being overweight, irregular sleep or behavioural difficulties.

WGetting involved in daily chores propagate about hand hygiene to the kids. Ask them to wash their hand frequently. This can reduce the chance of contracting diseases. Let your child form a habit of washing hands every time they use the bathroom, eat a meal, play outside, sneeze or cough. As children’s nails can be accumulated with a lot of dirt and microbes taking part in all these activities, discourage them from biting nails and cut their nails frequently. It is also important that you take care of your child’s mouth and teeth. Without proper care, your child can develop various oral diseases or unwanted cavities and a bad breath. Make sure that your child brushes their teeth at least two times a day. And foremost important is the complete bathing hygiene. A regular bath is the best way to keep your child clean and healthy at all times. Ensure that they take bath twice a day applying soap all over their body.

You can’t teach your child all the habit overnight but you can praise them when they try and perform any of these hygiene habits as they shall learn everything gradually only with your support. As children’s are observant, make sure you practice all the habit hygiene before teaching them. Teaching your child about hygiene can help them take care of themselves even when you are not with them. It’s easy for kids to get discouraged when things don’t go their way. Help them learn resilience when they experience setbacks by showing them the importance of staying positive. Help your kids develop healthy self-esteem and a positive mind-set by teaching them they are lovable, capable, and unique, no matter what challenges they encounter.