Making Early Education Fun in Mumbai: Playgroup and Preschool

October 25th 2023

With competitive exams and marks-based coaching, our education system has somehow veered away from capturing the joy of learning. The magic of this learning experience should begin at a very young age. At this phase of self-discovery, there is something they constantly learn beyond the four walls of the classroom. The best International preschools in Mumbai focus on delivering a fun education that ensures the kid not only learns but also falls in love with learning. At Spring Buds Preschools, one of the most effective and advanced Playgroups in Mumbai, the aim is to help the children get into the world of exploration. This blog will help you understand how education is made creative, fun and an experience to cherish.

Teaching Kids the Joy of Rhyming Words

Theme-Based Learning

Tailor made for kids, even our basic classes are made fun using different themes and colors. With multiple colors and creative experience, these theme-based learnings aid children grasping the concepts quickly and also retain it in their memory for a longer period. For example, a simple concept such as an apple is red in color is made memorable and fun with the concept of color day or dress up day, where they dress in red and have poster cuts of apples and other red fruits and vegetables. It further makes them realize that while red belongs to a group of colors and apple is about fruits, they are indeed inter-related in some way.


What is more fun than field trips? And there is nothing more beneficial than educational trips. Combine these together, excursions take the concept of fun plus learning to the next level. It is of course useful to learn the different types of leaves, but seeing them for real and understanding their names and uses is a whole different experience. Excursions are a step towards having outside classrooms where learning is indeed made through actual real world connections. The exploration also creates room for more fun and joy as the kids are let to enjoy and learn using contexts.

Show N Tell

Children can bring items of their choice and describe them to their classmates. This encouraging method slowly builds self confidence and public speaking skills among the kids. It is also an event that lets them discover their favorites and constantly engage with their peers. Besides these, the habit of listening when other kids speak about their things also aids them to hone their listening skills.

Sports and Arts

Sport events and arts classes give an excellent opportunity for kids to find their passion and talents. It will also be a good change for the kids to let their creative ideas flow. On the field, while learning the different skills, they also learn important life skills, and to accept success and failure. These new experiences will create a passionate learner in them.

Special Days and Interactive Learning

Spring Buds is the best preschool in Mumbai because there are numerous activities for kids to learn amidst exciting games and fun-filled events. There are fests like animal parties, planet parades and intriguing science experiments where the kids get to play and interact. There are even math fun days where kids learn math in the most fun ways possible. On most of these special occasions, kids are encouraged to come up with ideas, play multiple games and creatively express their ideas and opinions.


Classrooms are always considered as a part of passive learning experience. While teachers coach, children are habituated to listen and learn. Even though such an experience has proven to be effective over the years, the impact of interactive learning outshines the former method. Spring Buds Play School in Mumbai believes in the interactive learning method which also makes for creative and fun exercises.