Make Resolutions for Your Toddler by Enrolling on Admission For Nursery in Mumbai

March 29th 2021

The intention to resolve to do something isn’t reserved just for adults. Children have the grit and perseverance, and more essentially, a necessity, to make vows to themselves. However, one may achieve the said resolution depending upon the environment and the hardships that need to go through. Yet we all fail. Remember the phase we regretted paying for a one-year subscription in gyms while trying to eradicate some bad habits we suffer, like unhealthy eating or having an erratic sleep pattern?

But if the trail to success is made-up of sleek roads, there is no meaning in having any resolution. The lessons you picked up while fulfilling resolutions are the actual gain. You learn crucial life skills such as discipline, hard work, and patience through failures and disappointments. That is why having resolutions is a must. And no time is more perfect than the global pandemic to teach your kids to have a resolution.

To help you out, Spring Buds International Preschool in Pune has compiled a list of resolutions you can ask your kids to take amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.


The major downside of children of this era is immoderate binging on the internet. Today every social media platform has a potential risk of feeding our children with negative news, and it has severe effects on our kid’s sprouting psyche. To help them come out of it unharmed, parents should make their kids take up a resolution of not spending a lot of time in cyberspace.

Eating healthy

The consumption of fast food is outrageous, leading the current generation to face the matter of obesity. Overweight can result in various serious health complications like diabetes or heart-related problems. So ask them to cut it back to merely once per week. If you make your kid resolve to eat healthily, you have successfully prevented him or her from suffering this downside.


A ruined biological clock is mostly evidence of the two problems, the internet or obesity. Excessive weight is known to cause sleep disorders, which spoils the quality of their lives. Similarly, staying awake late hours and consuming the internet also will disrupt their natural sleep-wake cycle. So one of the resolutions can be to go to bed every night on fixed timing to help your child overcome these issues.

Physical activities

Kids have seemingly illimitable energy for running around. Rather than wasting all this childhood power, make them direct it towards something useful. A resolution targeting to involve them in a sport is going to be advantageous. Your children would possibly notice that they love a sport so much they would even ponder building a career in it.


Stellar performance in schools is something that each parent would need for his or her children. So make them resolve to possess studies-oriented infrastructure that will boost their performance in class. Something basic, like learning only for one hour each morning, can do the trick. Following stringent discipline and commitment will lead to increased performance and a sense of betterment in their lives.

SBIS believes that a new year shouldn’t be the only defined occasion to make resolutions as it’s a responsibility that one must be prepared, sincere, and willing about. Therefore secure Admission For Nursery in Mumbai to solidify the foundation of your pre-schoolers. It will surely motivate them to stick by these easy resolutions for achieving beyond just academics as an individual.