Let Your Child Blossom with Spring Buds International’s Pre-School Education

December 11th 2019

Pre-schooling is the first step a child takes out of their comfort zones and into the real world. It is at this age that children learn to engage in social interactions, team play and fun activities in a structured environment. According to a 2019 review of research released by Learning Policy Institute (LPI), children who had exposure to high-quality preschool education had lasting benefits that showed results throughout their school and adult life. The research included an in-depth evaluation of 21 large-scale public preschool programs and found that kids who enrolled for these programs were better prepared for higher schooling and had an upper hand in learning abilities as compared to kids who did not receive preschool exposure.

The increasing awareness about the importance of play schools in India has led to a number of institutions offering preschool programs with innovative curriculums and modern learning techniques. Spring Buds International School – a part of the coveted CP Goenka Group – has play school in Pune and multiple branches across Mumbai. We provide a stellar preschool program that aids holistic development of the child. We strive to provide quality learning to the toddlers that raises them to be well-informed, well-behaved and globally aware citizens of tomorrow.

Spring Buds International School is one of the best play school in Pune. It has a huge 9000sq.ft area, which offers great infrastructure to enhance the child’s learning experience. Our curriculum focuses on introducing important concepts in a fun and engaging manner that assures maximum retention. With a highly qualified and trained teaching staff, the child learns to communicate with peers, explore their creativity and interests while learning. We make sure that the environment at school is vibrant and makes the child feel safe and comfortable when they are away from home. From puzzles to team efforts, from math to science and arts, pre-schooling offers the child many opportunities to understand where their interests lie.

After play school, we offer nursery, junior KG and senior KG classes to prepare the child for schooling in a systematic manner. Nursery is the class where kids continue to learn through play and exploration. Among the many nursery schools in Mumbai, the curriculum offered by Spring Buds is comprehensive and elaborate with a strong focus on three key areas – a) communication and language, b) physical development and c) personal, social and emotional development. It is at this age where the child inculcates habits that shape their future such as healthy eating and physical fitness. Acceptable social behaviours and clear communication skills are also developed in nursery class.

We, at Spring Buds International School, being one of the best nursery school in Mumbai, aim to nurture our students’ creativity, collaborate with them to help them learn and grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow. We believe it is only when the child receives the right kind of learning, at the right age, in the right environment, from the right sources and guiding them in the right direction that they blossom into independent, smart and wise individuals.