Learn how fidgeting and doodle art can calm anxious toddlers!

September 19 2022

Fidgeting and simple cute doodle art for kids are all ways of moving around to help them cope with their emotions and behaviours. They frequently do these things when they feel anxious or need to concentrate on something. Children can stay calm by fidgeting or doodling.

Kids can also use fidgeting and simple drawing as a means of creative expression. Many children appreciate simple starter doodle art because it enables them to create patterns or images without stressing over doing it "perfect." Kids can unwind and clear their minds by creating adorable, easy doodle art. Despite the fact that it may seem like children are just playing around, their fidgeting and doodling can be beneficial.

Nursery Schools in Pune highlight why kids draw things at random

Kids doodle at random for a variety of reasons.

It enables them to stop thinking for a while.

It might allow them to showcase their creative abilities.

They may find it easier to concentrate and pay attention.

Is there any benefit to children fidgeting and doodling?

There is some evidence to suggest that children can benefit from fidgeting and sketching. According to one survey, people who doodle were better at remembering a list of objects than people who didn't doodle. Another research reveals that fidgeting improved focus and attention in ADHD children.

Do kids' doodle art and fidgeting have a connection to stress or anxiousness?

Everybody reacts and perceives stress and anxiety uniquely. Nevertheless, some people discover that fidgeting or doodling might enable them to divert their attention from whatever is making them anxious or stressed. Therefore, if your child is experiencing stress or anxiety, it can be worthwhile to encourage them to attempt doodling or fidgeting as a coping mechanism. Therefore, children can use fidgets.

Can your child become an artist through fidgeting and doodling?

According to one research, kids who were pushed to exhibit their creativity via art had a higher chance of succeeding in adulthood. Therefore, if your kid is fidgeting and drawing, it can be a sign that they're going places! They might even emerge as the next Pablo Picasso.

In other words, fidgeting and doodling are coping methods that support our ability to maintain attention and focus. They don't suggest a lack of interest or boredom; rather, they show that we're making an effort to stay focused. In light of this, the next time you notice yourself or your child fidgeting in their seat or making notes on a notepad, don't be alarmed; it just shows they're paying attention. So the next time your child is fidgeting or doodling, Preschool in Pune emphasizes on not worrying as it's just their way of coping and not a symptom of restlessness or a lack of concentration.