Identify the 5 Common Mistakes That Hinder Your Toddler’s Sleep with Best Preschool in Mumbai

January 20th 2021

Any parent of a 4-year-old wouldn’t deny the fact that parenting a toddler is like being committed to a full-time job. Knowing that almost till the age of six or seven children tend to be highly energetic, bouncing off places even without reason, parents somehow remain in disguise about how to structure a good sleep routine for their kids which is significant for their healthy growth and development. Thus, Spring Buds Nursery Schools In Pune believe that it is vital to maintain a sense of regularity when it comes to their sleeping schedules.

Best Preschool In Mumbai lists the five most common mistakes that parents make when it comes to their toddler’s sleeping schedule. This will not only help every parent avoid them the next time, but also teach toddlers to live in discipline learning self-management from an early age.

1. Skipping the bedtime routine

The very first thing that every parent needs to establish is a proper sleep routine for the kid, so they close their eyes automatically the moment the clock strikes at 9 pm. This familiar routine will signal their mind and body when to fall asleep at night and make it easy for the duo to practice a healthy living.

2. Creating sleep crutches

One of the most common bedtime mistakes is the formation of a particular habit that your child associates with falling asleep. For example, when you narrate their favourite stories every night, its absence will stop your child from falling asleep. Hence, it is necessary to pace these activities so that your child’s mind cannot detect any regular pattern in them.

3. Dinner just before sleep

This bedtime mistake must be strictly avoided if you want your child to grow up healthily. The after-meal process is as equally essential as eating one. Therefore it is advisable to keep two hours gap between having dinner and falling asleep to help your body properly digest the food. For this, you can switch dinner with reading or studying time letting your kid study after having dinner.

4. No engagement during waking hours

A toddler is a bustling bundle of energy. That is why spending a portion of their waking hours engaging and playing with them is a must as they tend to exhaust themselves to sleep. Increased physical and mental activity will direct their body towards unhindered resting as soon as they hit the bed.

5. Long naps during the day

Letting a child take longer naps during the day can be one of the biggest mistakes. A parent might be inclined to let their kid sleep a little longer so they can finish their own tasks. But an extended period of nap affects a toddler’s sleep clock adversely. This can trouble them while falling asleep and staying asleep for a longer duration. Ideally, toddlers should be allowed to take naps no longer than three hours during the daytime.

The above list by the Nursery Schools In Pune provides a general idea of what situations or behaviour hamper a toddler’s sleep pattern. However, every kid is different from one another and can have their own traits that help or prevents proper sleep. Henceforth, it’s a guardian responsibility to look after the dos and don’ts of their beloved one for a holistic upbringing.