How you can prep your preschooler for schooling post unlock

August 13th 2020

Soon when the covid-19 pandemic will subside, admission for nursery in Mumbai will steadily resume. Post the unlock process; there would be certain safety rules children will adhere to. The best place to learn safety and sanitation for little ones is home and parents should start working towards teaching their toddlers about general safety protocol before they start school.

Preschool in Mumbai

We as Spring Buds International School, a play school in Thane and as teachers and facilitators of your toddlers, want to share some valuable insights on safety and sanitation such that you can prep them for their back to school days in order to stay healthy in the coming times-

Ask them what they already understand

Children observe and learn from their environment. It is likely that your child has already picked up information about the situation. For a parent, you must first understand what knowledge your child harbors about the situation in the simplest way and then proceed with further teachings.

Teach them basic hygiene

Good personal hygiene is an important tool for prevention against many germs and viruses. So introducing kids to the significance of wearing a mask, sneezing into the elbow, washing and sanitizing hands and regularly practicing hygienic routine with them will help your child remember them later when they go back to school post unlock.

Present simple case studies to them

Children learn through stories, it is how teachers introduce new concepts to them. We at Spring Buds play school in Thane offer age appropriate case studies for teaching. Parents must adapt this technique to articulate the situation to the child best understanding. By adopting this technique you can keep the conversation going, ask them about their doubts and concerns and explain the importance of hygiene in a fun manner.

Follow a routine for them

Make an active effort to stick to a daily routine for your child, so they get accustomed to a school-like routine. Keep a strict routine for education time, meal time, nap time and play time, so they have predictability and a proper structure to their day. You can even create their own ‘learning space’ so they distinguish between learning time and play time. This time table will really come handy for you when you apply for admission for nursery in Mumbai for your child.

Reassure and encourage them

This situation is only temporary and it is important to make sure your child understands that. Too much information may overwhelm them, so offer constant reassurance and encourage them to not restrict themselves and navigate their way once they start school. Parents, you must remain calm as well and let your child know you are there for them.

It will only be with constant efforts and responsible hygiene planning that we can all fight the disease together helping our children with a better future ahead.