How to Master Dropping-off your Kid to Preschool in Mumbai

January 8th 2020

At a young age when toddlers have to start attending preschools in Mumbai, they have experienced interaction with a very limited number of people and their lives are completely dependent on and revolve around their parents. Naturally, during drop-offs to their playschool, it becomes hard for them to part with their parents and vice versa. Here are a few tips on how to master the art of having easy drop-offs and making the transition of your kid’s nursery admission in Mumbai easier.

Preschool in Mumbai
  • ●   The best way to do it is with a quick goodbye. A positive encouragement to enjoy their day there, followed by a quick peck on the cheek and a warm hug are enough to convey your love. The longer you wait out these morning goodbyes the longer time the child has to realise the separation, making them weepy. And as sobbing can be contagious, if one kid starts doing so the rest might soon follow. Therefore, it’s best to make it quick. Rest assured, in case your child feels sad after you leave the teachers at the playschool know well how to console your child and distract them into happier activities.

  • ●   It is normal for the parents to feel apprehensive while dropping their kids off to preschools in Mumbai. However, it is of utmost importance for the parents to try and not show this apprehension while seeing their kids off. Children can be quite intuitive and often they pick up on such emotions. The parents feeling tensed might tense the child up as well. This starts their day off on a worrisome note. To have cheerful “goodbyes” the parents must project confidence and encourage their children to have a great day full of great new experiences.

  • ●   After nursery admission in Mumbai, it is essential to bring your child to the school on time. If your child turns up late they will miss out on the morning routine of greeting their peers and settling in to start the day. On entering the class and seeing the other kids already settled and at their activities, the children have the uneasy feeling of being left out. This makes them feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day and hinders their learning process. A timely drop-off can rule out all this.

The faculty at Spring Buds International School is highly experienced in taking the right care for every child and help them gently but effectively to let go of their fears and teach them to be happily confident.