Fostering Collaboration Over Competition For A Successful Childhood at Mumbai’s Top International Preschool

January 30th 2020

With competition growing massively over time, we as parents rigorously work towards making our child the best of all so as to ensure their chances of standing up in the competing world and being successful. However, a successful individual is not the one who is competitive enough to be a winner but rather the one who participates and takes up challenges with a collaborative view going through the process with empathy and kindness. Gone are the days when chasing the top GPA’s or the highest scores were the goals of good upbringings. Today, educational institutions are realising the importance of skills and social values over competitive abilities thereby reorganizing their curriculum to create better human beings over competitive winners or losers.

At Spring Buds International nursery school in Mumbai we transform our learning to develop collaborative yet competent children through our inquiry based curriculum. As one of the most popular play school in Mumbai, we ensure that our students not only learn the skills to sharpen their mental abilities but also inculcate in them skills that polish their social abilities making them kind and empathetic human beings of the future. Through our experiential and collaborative learning approach we not only stand as one of the most holistic playschool in Mumbai but also as one of the top nursery school in Mumbai.

At the same time, here are a few tips that will help you teach kindness and collaborative attitude to your child at home in order to make them the best versions of themselves.

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1. Build a sense of empathy in them

Children learn empathy by seeing empathetic behaviour. Encourage your children to cooperate and help their friends and siblings by displaying similar behaviour towards them or towards others.

2. Make ethical behaviour a priority

Parents often mistake in the development of a child by prioritizing on their high grades or winning streaks over their honesty and good behaviour. Set high expectations when it comes to following honest and ethical behaviour for children thereby inculcating in them a respect for being truthful and fair.

3. Teach them the art of compromise

One of the most crucial aspects for a collaborative attitude is to learn the art of compromising. Teaching children by creating instances of a barter, compromise or negotiation can really help them learn collaboration and cooperation when needed.

4. Sharing for a caring view

Good parenthood always starts with teaching a child how to share. By inculcating in them the simplest habits of sharing their meals, stationery, chocolates or toys will really help your child develop a sense of empathy and compassion that they will cherish throughout lives.

5. Cheer them for their positives

While trying to cultivate kind and compassionate behaviour in your child, one thing that really goes a long way is the appreciation and the praise that you reward your child with for their actions. Cheer them on for their good acts and see them adopt them as a way of life in the future.