Five Easy Ways to Make a Nutritious Lunchbox for Children!

July 18th 2022

Preparing a child's lunch is an artwork in itself. It is not just about meeting adequate nutrition, but also trying to make food products appear enticing so that children would consume them. Kids are notorious for their picky eating habits, and getting them to eat nutritious food may be difficult. To assist you, Spring Buds International School, the Best Preschool in Thane will list some wonderful lunch box tips in this blog that will ensure your children enjoy their mealtime.

Engage them in the process

Involving your children while selecting is one of the greatest methods to guarantee that they finish their lunch. Inquire about their eating habits and what they would really want in their packed lunch. This will guarantee that kids eat their lunch and will begin to establish healthy eating patterns in them at a young age.

Maintain simplicity

When it comes to preparing lunch for children, simplification is essential. Packing too many diverse items in one box will just distract them. Stick to simple foods such as sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and yoghurt.

Make it enjoyable

Lunch should be enjoyable for children rather than something they must suffer. So ensure packing their lunch in a creative and engaging way. Use unique containers and chop their foodstuff into interesting shapes. You might also send message notes to amaze them at lunchtime.

Consider allergies

If your child has any food sensitivities, make sure to acknowledge them while preparing their lunch. Avoid bringing items that they may be susceptible to, and discuss what they can and cannot consume with their educator.

What items can be included in the Meal?

Fruits and Vegetables - Fruits and veggies are an excellent complement to every packed lunch. They are high in nutrients and fibre, which will keep your toddler full and content until supper.

Healthy Snacks- Healthy snacks are also an excellent method to boost your child's energy level throughout the day. Select whole-grain crackers, granola bars, or fruit cups. Sugary treats, such as cookies or cupcakes, will only provide your toddler with a short crack binge followed by an energy drop.

A Balanced Meal- A well-balanced lunch is the greatest method to guarantee that your kid receives all of the nutrients they require throughout the day. Incorporate protein, a carbohydrate, and healthy fat into their box.

Ideas for lunchtime

Wrapped vegetables

These wraps can be made using whole wheat tortillas or flatbreads. Stuff them with your favourite vegetables and cheese. You may also add hummus or avocado for more taste and juiciness.

Kabobs of fruit

Fruit kabobs are a favourite among children who like eating stuff on a fork. Insert some fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, and watermelon, onto sticks, and your nutritious lunch is complete. For flavouring, dab them in yoghurt or chocolate sauce.

Salad with pasta

This is a traditional backpack delight. To make it more wholesome, add your favourite veggies, cheese, and protein. For flavouring, stir in some pesto or Italian sauce.


Sandwiches are a lunchbox must-have. You may use any sort of bread, such as whole wheat, rye, or sourdough, and stuff it with nutritious components such as avocado, hummus, chicken, and so on. Spices or herbs can be added to the centre to enhance flavour.

Parfait with yoghurt

This is a nutritious and appetising snack that children will enjoy. In a jar or container, top some yoghurt with fruits and oats. You may also sweeten it with nectar or maple syrup.

Poha or Paratha with Vegetables

These are nutritious and hearty Indian Lunchbox dishes. To make the poha or paratha dough even more healthy, mix in different veggies. Serve alongside some chutney or ketchup for dips.

Rice fried

This is a nutritious and delectable lunchbox meal that children will like. This dish may be made with either brown or white rice. You just have to fry some veggies and sausages in it.

Lunch is an essential portion of the day, and it deserves the same consideration as every meal. With a little forethought, you can guarantee that your child's lunchbox is both healthy and tasty! Following these guidelines by the Preschool in Pune will assist you in making nutritionally rich meals for your toddlers.