Five amusing strategies to encourage your children to love and learn math!

September 11th 2022

Do you want to provide your kids with an engaging and enjoyable way to learn math? Does teaching your children something as basic as math feel like a real job? Well, relax; we've got you covered. Here are five excellent ideas to get you going. Prepare to have fun while teaching your children important math skills after they acquire admission for nursery in Mumbai.

Using an abacus for play.

An abacus is a great tool for teaching children how to see numbers and perform simple math games and calculations. Also, it's a great deal of fun. Investigate every option because there are various approaches to using an abacus.

Building blocks

Another fantastic tool for helping children understand fundamental operations and comprehend numbers is the use of building blocks. Be sure to examine all the options while using blocks because there are several variations in their use.

Number puzzles

Children can improve their problem-solving abilities by working on number puzzles. They may also be really enjoyable! Find out which puzzles your child prefers by trying out a few different types.

Number games

Another great technique for kids to hone their skills is through playing number games. They may also be really enjoyable! Play a variety of games to determine which ones your youngster enjoys the best.


Kids can improve their ability to memorise and recognise numbers by using flashcards. They may also be really enjoyable! To get the greatest flashcards, make sure to test out various brands.

Prolonged concern or fear

Every kid experiences anxiety occasionally. However, if your kid is continually worried or concerned, this might be an indication of stress. If you find your kid indulging in repeated activities such as nail biting or hair twisting, this might indicate that they are nervous.

Advantages of teaching kids math

Enhanced capacity of problem-solving

The main focus of mathematics is problem-solving. Kids will get more adept at resolving issues the more practice they have. They can employ problem-solving techniques both inside and outside of the classroom.

Greater confidence

Children experience pride and success when they comprehend and overcome issues. This increase in self-assurance may follow them throughout their lives, motivating them to engage in new endeavours.

A stronger base for future schooling

For future study in mathematics and other sciences, a solid foundation in numeracy ideas is essential. As they progress through school, children who have strong numeracy skills are more likely to do well in these subjects.

Enhanced social abilities

Working in groups is frequently required for students to solve problems. They can use this opportunity to hone their interpersonal and co-operation skills. These are crucial abilities that will benefit them in both their career and personal lives.

Enhanced critical-thinking abilities

The ability to think critically is crucial in every aspect of life. Children that are skilled in math are frequently better at critical thinking. They are able to view the world from various perspectives and identify difficulties.

A passion for learning

Numbers and equations are only one aspect of numeracy. It's a passion for education. Children that are skilled in math frequently enjoy learning new things and discovering their surroundings.

Increased spatial reasoning capacity

The capacity to perceive and manage items in three dimensions is known as spatial thinking. For many professions, such as those of architects, engineers, and doctors, it is essential. Children with strong numeracy abilities frequently have stronger spatial reasoning abilities.

The Top preschool in Mumbai offers five entertaining ways to teach your children to love and be proficient in math. Just a few of the numerous options exist, so use your imagination to determine what your child responds to best.