Factors Affecting Choice of Spring Buds International Preschool in Thane

September 29th 2020

Picking the play school is a major decision in the life of a parent. To choose the best play school in Thane, parents look after many influential aspects that will contribute in the making of their beloved’s personality. Here is the list of some most important considerations that will mold the child and improve its learning.

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Consider the Approach

The first thing affecting the choice is the approach to studying. Acknowledging the fact that there are multiple form of approaches, Spring Buds International Preschool offers wide range of approach so the parents can independently choose the one that will suit their child the best. Among the popular methods of educational approach these are the most common:

1. Waldorf Method

This process engages head (thinking), heart (feeling), and hands (doing) while learning. Here teacher nurtures the child through integrated learning that consists of academics, arts, and practical skills altogether.

2. Montessori Method

This process is based on hands-on learning and self-directed activities. Here teacher lets the child make creative choices in their learning under the guidance.

3. High Scope Method

This process is based on intentional learning approach. Here teacher actively participates with students to encourage independent learning and thinking.

4. Reggio Emilia Method

This process is bases on psychology and pedagogy. Here teacher personally guides the learner through experimental learning in a relationship-driven atmosphere.

You can pick any of these methods for your child at the Spring Buds International play school in Thane. As our school believes that the whole campus is an open-ground to achieve the best learning experience that involves creativity, innovation, and critical thinking, we make sure that parents do not compromise on quality quotient of education at the same time.

The Difficulty for the Child and Parent

The fees and distance from the house will also play a role. If the school is too far away, it will become impossible for the child to devote enough time to studies. They will spend time commuting rather than studying. Thus choosing Spring Buds International School will bestow you and your child with maximum convenience that will lead towards a balanced routine.

Record of the School

This is important because the school with a not so good reputation will not be suitable for growth of the child. Enrolling your child in SBIS Nursery schools in Pune will give them all the love and attention they are seeking for vivid learning. We stand by our impeccable records made over the years, and hence, we make the curriculum even better with having conscientious teachers on board.

The Student-Teacher Ratio

If there are too many students to each teacher, they might not get the attention they need. Therefore keeping the student-teacher ratio between 8:1 and 5:1 in the nursery school in Pune, we ensure proper and personalized attention to all the students.

The parents must ensure a proper school for their children. So, to guide all the parents out there, Spring Buds takes a leap forward and highlight all the important points that will surely help in making the right decision in selecting the best school in contemporary times.