Did you know these five foods harming your child’s health?

June 21st 2021

For parents, it is a task to ensure that the child gets all the requisite elements for physical and mental development. In the growth phase, a child’s body requires a more nutritious diet than usual. However, this diet can show some downfall effects in the child, such as irritation, aggression or even mood swings, if not planned carefully. Hence before you run off to consult a doctor, take a step back and examine their day-to-day meal plan.

There are multiple food items and types that can affect your child’s health. Thus to help you recognize these elements, Spring Buds International Preschool shares below a comprehensive list of foods known to affect a child’s health.

Sugary beverages

Parents feed their kids pre-made fruit juice and soft drinks frequently without even realizing the quantity of sugar intake within their children. Nutrition and child behaviour experts state that these sugary beverages only increase significant health risk for growing kids and make them prone to type 2 diabetes and cavities. Nevertheless, coconut water or fruit-based smoothies can be healthy and tasty substitutes.

Reheated food

Reheating food often seems to be convenient for the time but show after-effects later in the future. While minerals presence is not disturbed, Vitamin C & B responsible for mood issues are majorly affected. So, to prevent this, parents can opt for microwaving the meal rather than using gas as the quick heating process will ensure minimum damage to these Vitamin molecules.

Allergic food items

There is no limit to allergens in human beings, but some of the most common ones include nuts, seafood, eggs, and dairy products. These allergic foods may cause swelling of the tongue and lips, itching and tightening of the throat, and vomiting. So if your notice any issues after your child eats a particular food, schedule a general allergy test immediately. The diagnosis will help you distinguish whether your kid is suffering from allergies or doesn’t like the taste.

Dairy products

Many children become irritable and aggressive after consuming dairy products or raw milk because their body does not process and break down the protein casein found in dairy products. This food sensitivity may lead to behavioural issues and cause stomach or headaches as the body cannot digest them. So next time you buy dairy products, check if it’s one of the foods affecting a child’s health.

Packaged meals and frozen snacks

From making instant noodles to microwaving the instant paste brought from the supermarket, our consumption method has changed a lot in these modern days. But consuming these foods over a long time can deprive your child of the nutrients they need to grow up. It may often cause vitamin deficiency, and since Vitamin B plays a big part in producing chemicals that affect mood, these items may strike aggression in your child. Hence, do not depend on pre-packaged meals and fried foods.

Instead of the food items mentioned above, you can opt to incorporate rice, lentils, and beans, leafy green vegetables, soybean, peanut butter, whole grains and oats, tomatoes, fruits, etc., in your child’s meal. These are versatile to be used in numerous recipes and have vital nutrients, important to lead an active life. As one of the best Preschool in Mumbai, we believe that feeding the brain and body of children with mindfulness can help them reach success with no hurdles. So, let them eat well and shine on!