Accelerating Holistic Learning Through ‘Value Education’ with Preschool in Mumbai

December 23rd 2020

Education is a necessary facet of each individual’s life. While you’ll realize each individual to be academically empowered, only a few would even have value education. The prominence of value education has multiplied over the years because it helps in developing a well-balanced persona. It is your responsibility, as a parent, to ensure that your child develops skills to not only survive the real world but also thrive in it. Although it is vital to ponder over matters such as choosing a career or preparing for the future, it is equally crucial to progress holistically and first become a good human being.

Nevertheless, if the entire learning process is centralized and evaluation driven, your child may not receive all-round development. Hence, it is imperative to make the right choice of school for your child as that’s a place where he or she will spend a maximum of time growing and learning the importance of value education. Therefore, we, at Spring Buds International Preschool In Mumbai, offer an extremely flexible curriculum that caters to the development needs of pre-schoolers and has kept value education as a significant core element.

So to begin with, let us understand in detail about ‘Value Education’.

What is the importance of Value Education?

 The socio-emotional development of each kid is as necessary as learning. With value education, students comprehend the relationship of mutual respect and trust between teachers and learners. Further, these students have a similar relationship with their peers. The primary understanding of this harmony leads to a healthy and thriving community in the future. Value education is a part of the academic procedure that instils moral as well as ethical standards in students. Its importance was underrated before, however, with growing conscientiousness among parents, it has become an integral part of the education at various schools.

What are the basic guidelines for Value Education and how are they implemented?

  • Promoting a comfortable and enriching learning space in school
  • Stimulating understanding of diversity and collective identity
  • Encouraging empathy, communication skills, and teamwork
  • Acknowledging voices, doubts, and concerns
  • Accepting errors and mistakes without judgements

The key factor for implementing these guidelines in Value Education is regular retrospection of teaching methods and processes by Best Preschool In Thane. Moreover, it is to make certain that students are assessed holistically rather than just academically.

Ensure Holistic Development for Your Child

While seeking the finest for your kid, it’s imperative to spotlight the importance of your kid turning into a good citizen. You must not undermine the worth of value education in between this fast-paced world where everyone is running after materialistic happiness and fulfilment. We, at Spring Buds International School, prioritize and intensify on value education. The faculty and the school administration ensures that all students are intellectually and psychologically compliant.

As a parent, you always choose what is best for your child and take a step ahead with an apt choice. Moving forward, with the same vision Spring Buds International Preschool In Mumbai is dedicated to taking your child overseas with the most crucial life lessons and skills by their side.