A Preschool in Lamington Road that teaches Kindness

November 16th 2019

“Kids, the building blocks of our future are like clay who need to be shaped and moulded to help instill all the essential values and the lifelong skills to become model human beings. All parents set out with the same thought but somewhere along their child’s early years, as they start expressing their emotions, it might get quite hard to understand the cause and the solution for their child’s rough behavior. Many parents are befuddled when their child starts to throw temper tantrums, deny sharing with their peers, screaming and much more. But rest assured they are just kids and simply want things to go their way. Pick the right playschool in Mumbaiwith trained and experienced faculty, with whose consistent guidance and your constant encouragement it would be really easy to inculcate the basic values such as patience, kindness, understanding, and respect for others.

Preschool in Lamington Road

Here are some tips and tricks on how to teach your kids to better themselves

  • ●   Introduce them to social environments. Take your kids out to the public playground, adventure parks, museums or for group activities that teach them the importance of collaboration, patience of standing in queues and taking turns on the games or the swings.

  • ●   Have fun with household activities like setting up and serving at the dinner table to make them understand the importance of fair share for everybody without hoarding.

  • ●   Although guidance plays a vital role, sometimes kids should be left to their own devices to figure out the solution to some conflict with their peers. It helps bring out their innate good nature and also boosts their confidence.

  • ●   Spend time playing games like catch with your little one. A game that puts emphasis on taking turns. A preschool in Lamington Road conducts many such activities to increase the feeling of cooperation and coordination as well among the children.

  • ●   Make bedtimes fun times by reading out to them. Choose stories that they can easily connect with, which are interesting and have moral takeaways.

  • ●   Make them tidy up their own playthings. This teaches them the concept of action and consequence and also following up. Make these cleaning up activities exciting though by turning it into a game of sorts.

  • ●   Now however much one might do, kids sometimes get really attached with some particular playthings and refuse to share them no matter what. But that stands true for even grownups at times. In such cases instead of scolding or forcing your child to part with their toy, simply put it away for playdates to avoid any tense situations.

  • ●   Give positive feedback. Always be appreciative of your child when they exhibit a good virtue by pointing out the productive result of their benevolence. This encourages them to behave similarly more often.

If you are looking for a play school in Mumbai for your child, Springbuds International School is a preschool in Lamington Road that with years of proven experience and excellence believes that each child is different and thus extends individual attention to every child to understand and shape them better.