5 fun ways for Learning beyond Screen during home school

August 14th 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a majority of education for children moved to a virtual classroom. Now, when the best pre-schools in Mumbai are moving their classwork, homework and recreational activities online, pre-schoolers are constantly exposed to technology more than ever. During home-school, limiting screen time for the kids is also not much of an option in this learning process. However, it is important rather necessary for your young ones to delve into some beyond the screen activities for their holistic development.

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1. Art and Craft

Art and craft are an integral part of curriculum in pre-school as they are optimal for your little ones’ fine motor skill development. Activities like these, makes young kids dextrous, develop their hand eye coordination and also improve memory power. Apart from that, colours are a great stimulus for the brain; your child naturally develops a system of self-expression with vivid colours and design. This is why best pre-schools in Pune assess the development of young kids using art and crafts.

2. Learning maths while doing chores

Mathematical skills are essential, so are learning the importance of chores, so why not add the two up? Start off easier by counting the number of vegetables, counting clothes for laundry with them, and asking them to sort big plates and small apart. You can even introduce the idea of space with Tupperware jars etc. This technique is not only fun but will also help sharpens their analytical skills, teaching your kids discipline and gratefulness.

3. Build a project together

Kids are instinctively imaginative and you can fuel this imagination of your child by building something together. It may be a unique tower of Lego or a grand fort of bedsheets and pillows, doing a project will improve their creative intelligence, increase their attention span and will foster their social skills. It is also a good way to strengthen your bond with your child.

4. Teach them to play an instrument

Music is an important part for the overall development of a child. Young kids create their own music by clapping their hands or banging toys together; they do it to express themselves. Learning an instrument will help in their cognitive development, develop fine motor skills, enable them to comprehend complex working of the instrument and also inculcate in them a sense of responsibility.

5. Introduce your child to Board Games

We are living in a technologically dominated time and most games that children play involve some kind of screen. But board games are a good stimulus for the brain and it is a fun way to establish critical thinking in your child. It helps them refine their motor skills, improve their communication skills, helps them social, and also teaches them to be patient. And finally, the absence of technology from the game will help them foster real-life relationships thereby developing good values as a human.