5 Creative Punishments Ideas to all the Younglings Parents!

February 22nd 2021

Punishment is outlined as the enforcement of consequences on an individual for inadmissible behaviour or acts and teach a lesson. Parents punish their kids, hoping they would not repeat the act after they got punishment in the first place. A time-out in the house corner, not allowing them to play or watch TV, are a few common punishments that every parent must have given to their kids. At times, the kids even know what punishment they will receive even before you specify them because you are trying them out in rotations.

However, Spring Buds International School believes that it’s high time to break the monotony. After intense brainstorming, The Best Preschool in Mumbai brings to you these five creative punishment ideas suitable for all age groups.

1. Apology Card - Next time your kid breaks a flower vase, do not get mad or start scolding. Instead, ask him or her to draw a card apologizing for it and be as creative as possible using colourful sketch pens, crafts, paints etc. This way, they will learn to apologize and boost their creative sides in the best way.

2. A Helping Hand - One of the great ideas of punishment is to make them your helping hand for household chores. It could be folding clothes, cleaning the room, dusting shelves, ironing clothes, anything. All your choice!

3. Restrain Self - Meditation and yoga have gained immense popularity worldwide for their impact on mental and physical health. Giving your children a taste of the same, wake them early morning, joining the session! Practice together for a week and observe changes in their behaviour. It would also encourage a habit of waking up early and having a healthy lifestyle.

4. Water Plants - Kids are occupied with so many things nowadays that they forget the importance of nature around them. Watering plants every day for a week can be a great way to help them bond with nature and could also be a fresh break from their daily busy routine.

5. Card Castle - Give your child a bundle of cards and tell him or her to build a house or a pyramid out of it. It will build concentration and teach them not to back down. It can be a valuable way for them to spend time constructively.

Kids do tons of things knowingly or unknowingly that can account for punishments, and as parents, it is our job to right their wrong. Nevertheless, being too harsh with them when they do something unacceptable can instigate a sense of fear in them. Due to which they may slowly drift apart from the trust and comfort you both share.

Hence putting an end to common boring punishments, Play School in Juhu bestows the top five punishment ideas that will work wonders for your kids, teaching them something at every step. The objective behind these punishments is not to make children feel bad about themselves. It is to make them understand what they did and why it was wrong emphatically.