Spring Buds International Pre School In Borivali West

We, at CP Goenka’s Spring Buds International Preschools – Borivali West believe; an individual care along with nurturing attention, allows each child to feel safe and secure as they step in, the outside world and learn to interact, socially.

Our preschool program in Borivali West offers collaborative learning and stimulating activities which encourages children to play and explore.

At CP Goenka’s Spring Buds International Preschools – Borivali West, we understand how important it is to establish a trusting and caring relationship with each and every child and nurture them in a highly supportive environment. Children at Spring Buds International School, Borivali West campus, starts with a warm hello and ends with a loving goodbye.

A cognitive ability, physical built up and mental health is developed during early years of the child. Our preschool understands the importance and effects of early childhood development. CPGIS Borivali offers a curriculum that is specifically-designed to cultivate independent thinking in your child, support and encourage physical development and their never-ending curiosity to learn. We engage children in various meaningful ways by creating outdoor and indoor spaces intentionally to provoke curiosity, wonder, creativity, intellectual engagement and fun.

We firmly believe in student-centric pedagogy. It focuses primarily on the needs, interests, learning styles and abilities of children with the teacher acting as a facilitator of education and learning.

We as one of the most recognized preschools in the prominent areas of Borivali, Dahisar and Kandivali understand the fact, that children learn best when provided with effective and meaningful instructional experiences, those develop the connect with concepts, learnt by the children in student friendly classrooms.  Children can thereby relate science, math, art, and social studies through every day activities in school. The child enhances his/her analytical & problem-solving skills and self-explores academic learning so that they excel in overcoming challenges in their near future.

Our preschool stands out for having state-of-the-art infrastructure with all required facilities and amenities to meet student’s requirement during their progressive years of development. You will be amazed to see a joyful yet knowledgeable journey at our school.

It’s our pleasure and joy to help you find the right preschool setting for your child and we are sure that it is here at CP Goenka’s Spring Buds International Preschool – Borivali West a comfortable and safe place for your beloved child, a place where learning is fun!

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